Box of Lies with Chris Pratt

Published 2018-06-15
Chris Pratt and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Chris Pratt
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All Comments (21)
  • Divykush Singh
    Why am I not surprised that Chris is so good at this game. He is too witty.
  • Evvy Procell
    i adore the fact that chris called gnomes “dwarfs with hats” LMAOOO
  • Ewizabef uwu
    Of course Chris Pratt is good at lying or pretending to lie, he's an actor
  • Sarah Kovacs
    I can just see the writers sitting around a table saying, “YES! what a great idea to put a vibrating jello block with Jeff Goldblum’s head in it” 😂
  • Sasha T
    Imagine if he hadn't picked 4 someone made an entire yoga studio for little gnomes and we never would have seen it
  • Lilo Ad
    There should be a segment added of how the writers/staff are gathered to come up with the ideas for the things they want to put in the boxes, and how they fetch things and create them
  • Anthony Pham
    This shows how smart Chris is, he uses the perfect strategy of "How to lie": by breaking down the truth and weaving in the lie. By saying "dwarves with hats" instead of the obvious Gnome, he tricks Jimmy into thinking he is unsure. Or by breaking down the dinosaur and sell the skull and paint a picture around it with some details from the truth, he successfully sold a lie
  • Nao★
    Like, he LITERALLY plays the God Of Mischief= God of lies!!
  • brjeaus
    Why you should never play this game with Chris Pratt.
  • melanielandon96
    "- this is a small diorama of dwarves engaging...
    - oh my goodness"

    I didn't know where that was going either.
  • Omar Karim
    His answers are freakin amazing
    “SUCKAAAAAA” 2:11
    “Argh! Nah i’m not!” 5:29
  • Dhanya Nair
    How do the writers even come up with those objects? it's so funny
  • JunkSep
    5:14 the way chris turns into smiling is just adorable
  • Angelica Delo
    Who else wanted that gnome yoga room SOO badly?! 😂
  • Peter Daniel
    We need Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie doing this, That would be fun 😂
  • Jose
    Get Tom Holland to this!
  • Katie
    he's honestly the best at this
  • I love when he does this with actors/ actresses because they're just so good at it