Ruin Friendships with these 9 Discord Tricks!

Published 2023-09-29
Do you have friends on Discord and want to change that? Well here's 9 (+1 bonus) Discord tricks that are fun to use against your friends, but they'll end up getting very annoyed with you.

How do I know this? Well I don't, I lost all my friends from being the most annoying rodent on the planet.

Anyways you'd expect this to be a tips and tricks type thing but genuinely there is very little education going on here. Maybe the bait videos will add some neurons to your dome.

1. Colored Discord Messages
Rebane's Generator

2. Blank Messages
1x1 Invisible Picture…

3. Reset Password Link (App Protocols)…

4. Fake/Bugged Gift Links…

5. Fake Invite Links…

Bonus About Me Banners

6. Spying "About Me"…

7. Account Warning…

9. Bait Videos / Gif Videos

Discord Server


00:00 - 1. Colored Discord Messages
00:53 - 2. Blank Messages
01:41 - 3. Reset Password Link (App Protocols)
03:07 - 4. Fake/Bugged Gift Links
05:18 - 5. Fake Invite Links
06:24 - Bonus - About Me Banners
08:14 - 6. Spying "About Me"
10:26 - 7. Account Warning
11:10 - 8. Crash Mobile Users
11:38 - 9. Bait Videos / Gif Videos

All Comments (21)
  • @squirrele.1266
    I can't ruin friendships when CloudFlare has a seizure
  • @major_melon2583
    Little extra tip to add to the bonus tip: If you are in a text field and have the emoji picker open, holding shift while clicking an emoji A) will add the emoji without closing the selection, and B) will not include that extra space behind the emoji. For this banner, you can just hold down shift with one hand, and then click on all your banner emojis in a row.
  • @tia8580
    Just noticed that they added a profile decoration shop where they're charging people for animated flares around your pfp, even if you have nitro
  • @bandiddums
    The app protocols could be really useful for helping people who just can't seem to navigate discord very well to change some obscure setting they never cared about, it's a shame that it doesn't work on mobile. Also, some of these might have potential of being more than just annoying, particularly the bait stuffs
  • @HuZTheLamb
    For blank messages, a more effective way to do them is to type a double asterisk (**), spam shift+enter, then after spamming shift+enter type another double asterisk at the end of the message, and then send, and it will make a completely blank and really long message, (which is infinitely more annoying than the methods shown in the video). This is because normally when you do a double asterisk, and then type something then put a double asterisk at the end of the message, it will make the message bold, and when you do the blank message, it will think you want to make those empty spaces bold, but it won't show anything since there will just be empty spaces.
  • @wdude9997
    my favourite thing to do is send 1998 characters worth of line breaks with a period(or any other small letter) at the start and end of all the breaks. you can make a line break by pressing shift + enter. Doing this basically nukes your messages, its great :)
  • @wizardly
    I actually legitimately got scammed using the fake invite method a while back. They sent a link to a middleman server (one I had used before) that had botted members and a complete copy of the staff. I thought nothing of it. In the middle of the trade, I realized it was a fake middleman server.
  • @KlawRaiding
    We can all agree that if NTTS was a scammer we would be done for
  • @AndrewZhao_
    Your video's are getting better and better every day! Keep it up!
  • @radeeyate
    always know it's a good day when ntts posts 🔥🔥🔥
  • @AquaQuokka
    Don't worry, I have problems keeping friends already, I'm good.
  • @Sinnohy
    I just realized, editing the fake promotion nitro message by replacing the original link with the rickroll's works both ways; they click the 'claim' button, they get discord trolled, they click the link instead, they get reverted to youtube's rickroll video

    it already worked on multiple of my friends when they ask "the promotion is expired", and I tell them to click the link instead. it's more convincing since the message isn't expired and appears to be legit, lmao
  • @avxibiss
    this channel is the only one whose videos appear in my recommendations 20 minutes after their release
  • @AvyanYT
    i rly enjoy these videos while discord is down
  • @Zestied
    already lost three friends from this! another banger vid from ntts.
  • @gamezboi_
    Instructions unclear, I started the Discord Kitten War.
  • @Lampe2020
    Tip: if you have a YouTube channel link, to make the user automatically subscribe (they only need to click OK in a popup) you can add the URL argument sub_confirmation=1 (if there's no question mark in the URL, prefix the argument with one, otherwise with an ampersand).
  • @Unknown-wb1bf
    There's nothing worse than you saying something to someone on discord and they don't respond but when you say something else magically they answer.