night drive 🌃 - An Indie/Alternative Playlist | Vol. 2

Published 2022-06-06
Take another late-night drive with this vibey, atmospheric indie playlist! Tracklist & Spotify link below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Jon Bryant - ‘would you call me up?’
4:09 The Satellite Station - ‘Chain Reaction’
9:02 Leland Blue - ‘Can’t Keep My Cool’
12:48 David Nevory - ‘California’
16:26 The Haunted Youth - 'Shadows’
20:14 Woodlock - 'We Gotta Go’
24:23 Mojave Grey - ‘Fade Out’
27:48 Old Swing - ‘Bruised’
30:46 Varley - ‘Bubble Up’
34:58 Lorne - ‘Bow Out’
38:23 Jenny Kern - ‘Where Did The Time Go’
42:35 The Yves - ‘Who’s Gonna Hold You Tonight’
45:51 Alta Falls - ‘The Fire’
49:41 Walden - ‘If God Is Dead’
53:52 Ellur - ‘Migraine’
57:34 Nola Kin - 'Lay Low’
1:00:39 Wild Front - ‘Brace’
1:05:59 Reed Pittman - ‘Home’
1:09:37 Philine Sonny - 'Same Light’
1:12:13 Blue Lupin - ‘Soak’
1:16:55 The Yves - ‘Say You’re In Love’
1:20:55 Nick Kingswell - 'Midnight In Melbourne’
1:23:23 The Satellite Station - 'Back Of My Heart (Stripped)’
1:26:42 Jordan Lucas - 'Comes and Goes’
1:32:36 Erik Nordblad - ‘Coming Home’
1:36:24 Skymachine - 'Tangier’
1:40:38 David Nevory - 'You & the Sea’
1:44:01 Rhineland - 'In My Mind’
1:47:45 Trevor Larkin - 'Madeline’
1:51:30 Above Water - 'Tokyo Flight’
1:55:27 Nola Kin - ‘Leaves’
1:59:05 Daf Hughes - 'Mind’
2:02:01 Walden - 'Relays’
2:05:51 Gallipoli - 'Poets’
2:08:46 RE: DAWN - 'Find It In Me’
2:13:17 Ed Hawke - 'idky (Alternative Version)’

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All Comments (21)
  • The first "night drive" compilation has been one of my absolute favorites! So honored to be included in vol 2!
  • Becky B
    Lying in my hospital bed a few years ago having had a heart ablation, I got annoyed listening to all the hospital distractions, I turned on my Bluetooth speaker and tuned into some Alex Rainbird. I had several nurses and a couple doctor's on my floor that came to my room wAnting to know what I was playing. I told them, and they became instant fans, and asked me to keep your music playing as it seemed to soothe them and a lot of other patients. Music is good medicine. 😘😁💝🎈💝💝
  • David Nevory
    This playlist is just incredibly good. Can’t believe TWO of my songs deserve to be part of it. Thanks so much Alex & Beth ❤️❤️❤️
  • pops cadoy
    I love both the night drive playlists ❤️ I've literally been listening to Vol. 1 since it was first uploaded until now - it's my absolute fave! I'm really hoping there'd be more of these in the future! They are indeed super soothing to listen to while driving around after a long day. Thank you so much for these compilations ❤️
  • Meredith Evans
    A new night drive list, hooray!!! I'm just one minute in and I love it already - windows down, warm summer night air. Perfection. <3 It's always a good day when there's a new playlist!
  • Sano BR
    You guys have (your own 😆) big shoes to fill with this list, because Vol.1 was practically perfect! My favourite playlist to this day
  • Ruthie B
    Yayy!!! I'm so excited for this! Thanks for putting out playlists more often, they definitely make my day when one comes out!
  • Kawtar Sbih
    Night drive playlists are my absolute favorite, thank you 🙏🏻
  • Rut Peralta
    I really enjoy this playlist for it is so motivating and helps me concentrate on my work and on having positive vibes too!!:virtualhug:
  • Carrie Adam
    I love this playlist! It really motivates me for studying🤗
  • Manny Santos
    Playlist sensacional 💗🌙🌧️🎵🇧🇷
    06/07/22 22:10 escutando enquanto chove 💙
  • Omoh Will
    OK. This is a really good playlist and I cant get enough of it.
  • Спасибо вам за отличную подборку, настроение, которое соответствует моему (всегда песни попадают в точку).❤️ Благодаря им я могу отвлекаться от происходящего вокруг, изолироваться от всего абсолютно, перемещаясь куда-то в мыслях. Это приятный опыт, который возможен с такими подборками. Вы огромные молодцы.
  • Linn Linn
    that's very good. Keep it up. I love your Music!
  • Jenny Kern
    Thank you SO much for including me in this one, what an honour!!! <3
  • This playlist makes me feel like being alone and night drive is what I'm missing all my life.
  • Thankyou for the awesome list as usual! Alexrainbird is already been a part of my life and i love both of them so much 💗
  • Patty CANDLE
    Hello from France ! My favorite playlist ever ! love this ! Thank you so much !!! 💚