ALL ACCESS: Canelo vs. Jermell Charlo | Ep 2 | Full Episode | SHOWTIME PPV

Published 2023-09-15
Episode 2 of the Emmy® winning series brings viewers beyond the ring with unprecedented access as pound-for-pound greats Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo prepare for a historic blockbuster showdown between undisputed superstars.

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All Comments (21)
  • @ryanbaugh7249
    You can tell Charlo happy for this opportunity…..respect to both warriors
  • @ethanjones4367
    I was never a fan of Jermell. But after watching him around his kids, my respect for him grew immensely. Let’s go champ 💪🏾
  • @hoodsrvnt
    What Charlo said about grinding but not having to be away from your fam is the real gem in this episode
  • These ALL ACCESS episodes making me a charlo fan. Very humble. Seems very excited to get the biggest check of his career
  • I've always supported Canelo, but man, Charlo is so genuine. It's not just the big payday for him, it's his chance to do something that's never been done before. May the best fighter win.
  • @jaquandavie2914
    'yall better not have me on there breathing like Errol Spence." Nah that took me out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • @BugattiModzz
    Mans said grace over his food and ended his prayer with "CANELO VS CHARLO LETS GOOO" 😂😂 I love it
  • @nbaoldgirl
    This show solidifies my admiration for boxing to the fullest. I watch this show, no matter the boxer and I’m left holding back tears sometimes. It really makes you appreciate the human spirit and the human body. I’m in awe of this sport.

    Canelo isn’t one of my favorites but I admire him and appreciate what he’s given of himself to this sport and all of his accomplishments. He is an amazing fighter and an incredible representation of the greatness of Mexican people.
  • @billzima7068
    Man when JC pointed to his family and said "this don't get put on hold " is what every real man and father should believe and live and how can anyone not respect that. He definitely got my respect
  • I'm a Canelo fan 100 percent. I'm definitely rooting for him. May the best man win, and may the good Lord watch over these two boxers in the dangerous ring. Let's box em up guys. Canelo you got this you handsome Cinnamon man.
  • @MilliWentMIA
    9:50 “This don’t get put on hold” Powerful stuff
    Bless both of these fighters man
    I want Canelo to win but man, I can't hate on Charlo. Let the best man win!
  • @stephent9336
    They're both such great individuals its hard to root for either. Knew canelo longer but these episodes can make anyone a fan of charlo. Hats off to both fathers and champions. Theres no loser here. Just one will have a better night than the other. Trilogies show better who is actually the better fighter.
  • @CYMotorsport
    7:50 honestly I was never a huge fan of his. But this moment alone had me so weak , he got me 😂 said what 80% of people were thinking
  • @rivasflores86
    Never knew Charlo on some of his personal side but after hearing his definition of sacrifice and being with his family and kids and then seeing him pray before a meal, man bro my respects and got a whole new view on you
  • @jonas5013
    The family segment showtime puts out is always top class
  • @1WordSirMalarky
    I love the build up for this fight. No fake fighting in the press conferences. Both warriors showing respect. I was getting tired of how all boxing and mma press conferences turned into wrestling promos.
  • @mrlee9696
    Respect to both men. They just showed us that you don't need to disrespect one another to sell the fight 💪🏾🥊!!
  • Moving up two weight classes, which is a full 11-pound leap NOT of walk-around weight but of fight-ready weight, and then doing so to fight an iron-chin, devastating puncher with skill and defence, that's what's up. That's what a real lion will do. Mad respect to Jermell Charlo for taking the fight. Massive underdog who believes in himself and brings it. That's the kind of story I always want to watch both in the build-up and in the ring.
  • Showtime, y'all kill it with these ALL ACCESS episodes. I wouldn't have ever known how much I love Jermell Charlo's attitude and character if it weren't for this presentation. I'm away from home for work, away from my family and busting my butt to give them a better life than I had and it absolutely cripples me at times. I loved what he said while he was in the pool with his kids. "These ARE my teammates.... Sacrifice from your girl and your kids? Wake up.... This don't get put on hold, this is everyday." Man, Texas is proud to have you. We love Canelo here too but GO GET HIM CHARLO.