Cult of the Lamb: Doom & Shroom

Published 2023-03-16

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  • mashed
    Baby sheep, doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Running a cult, doo doo doo doo doo doo
  • Blue Monkey
    Blake and Jan have outdone themselves on this one! The animation, pacing, comedy; it's all perfect!!
  • I love how Lamb doesn't 'pretend' to be Kitty's husband. He (seems to) genuinely cares for her. It's refreshing
  • I'm sorry but I loved Yuki. She understood perfectly that sometimes people need to be punched. Probably future wife material right there
  • I find it so funny that the cat he ends up marrying is literally the ONLY one (other than lamb, of course) that has ANY common sense.
  • czylizzzz
    im not sure if anyone’s pointed it out nor if this was intentional or just a coincidence but the fact that most of the names of his disciples are
    “Luke, Peter, Simon, Tobias, Jude, James” is just so clever
  • This is literally an animated show. I don’t know how you guys did it, you made my day, like you somehow made Lambert’s voice work and the whole short story and AAAaAAHhHHhhHH. HOW are you guys not have your own animated show on Netflix or something??
  • Dunmaglass
    The fact the Lamb genuinely cared about his new wife was so wholesome
  • 【-Box-】
    I need a part two, this genuinely just feels like a cult of the lamb show and I LOVE IT
  • Mike190
    I dont know why but the freaking axolotl just sitting on the ground screaming, kills me every time
  • B-D
    I see no one talking about the music like hello?! The part where the followers are getting sacrificed goes so hard, I want a full version
  • Yeen.
    this interpretation of the lamb's personality is spot on. the happy go lucky careless bit in the beginning was something i already figured out, but the fact that he actually gets angry is actually hilarious
  • When he was told his husband was dead I was sorta expecting him to say something along the lines of "Great! Now I'll have to go resurrect him.... again."

    But the whole thing was seriously great! From the voices, the animation and the comedy!
  • A9ollo
    For a relationship that started with “You we’re married,” it really feels like they are a loving couple.
  • The announcement that Lamb started the sermon immediately after coming back from Anura is a very subtle joke and extremely relatable to anyone who's played the game.
  • RavenStarMedia
    I love how the Lamb has a voice that sounds a little bit like Dipper from Gravity Falls, given the Cult of the Lamb developers declared an animation of Lambert doing the Lamby Lamby dance to be canon. The casting, dialogue, animation, and humor is fantastic, and I'd love if Cult of the Lamb got a full animated series like this, this is great!
  • This absolutely needs to become a show on their channel. This video practically introduced me to Cult of The Lamb and now Im in love with the game and the potential of a Cult of The Lamb animated show by Mashed.
  • Reaperer
    This had no business being so freaking amazing. Loved every single aspect from the animation to the humor. Just watching such a great game being transformed into animation never fails to bring a smile.
  • DR.jack Bright
    Its so adorable how the leader cares about his wife even though they have a very short relationship, it is somewhat ironic but cute how love and affection are shown throughout the video.❤❤❤
  • KNKoc
    Let's accept it.
    We WANT it to be a full official series.