Nostradamus - The Prophet of Doom Documentary

Published 2023-02-10
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All Comments (20)
  • This is possibly the most honest and factual version of the Nostradamus story I've ever heard. Thank you!
  • @howser1961
    Another outstanding episode from one of the most interesting channels on youtube today - your dedication to detail is commendable. Thank you.
  • @deathbytheroad
    I think Nostradamus had a good understanding of human behaviour and society. Humans haven’t changed only technology has. History will continually repeat itself. So his predictions could be true now as they could have been within his contemporaries and his predecessors.
  • @janicewhite1113
    I have always had an interest in Nostradamus for as long as I can remember and I think that your video was really great and informative, I knew of his predictions but not much about the man . So thank you for that
  • @atekle1382
    i think he was a good story teller who understood that fears cripples humanity and took advantage of it. Fear of death, famine, plague and sickness always do preoccupy humans.
  • @f.jalali
    The man who wrote prehistory book for the world to follow.
  • @Farbautisonn
    Given his educated background and the fact that he learned logic, the classics and general history, the topics of Destruction, plagues and wars seem pretty straightforward. After all, Human history is filled to the brim with all.
  • @janeck.8695
    I have seen several documents about Nostradamus but this one is b;y far the best. Thank you for sharing it.
  • @bkdmode
    I remember watching the Nostradamus documentary narrated by Orson Wells on HBO in 1981. As a 5th grader, I was fascinated and it played right into my Cold War fears about impending WW3. The show said that WW3 would start in the Middle East and a few months later the Iraq-Iran War started with the Soviets next door in Afghanistan...
  • @cdfdesantis699
    Well, honestly, predictions of wars, natural disasters, & other calamitous events is always a pretty safe bet. And hindsight is 20/20. When something momentous occurs, we can almost always find a suggestive quatrain in Nostradamus' writings that fits. In any case, "The People Profiles" has fulfilled my personal prophecy of another good episode.
  • @johnjohn-bl7fs
    Nostradamus said to me in a vision asking him about feeling of repetitiousness ; "For it is like a da ja vu, but in between each stillness of every thought is the inner-twine of a greater mind."
  • @abbieb8130
    The point at 39:39 is of interest because it could be applied also to interpretation of some of the more confusing Biblical prophecies. People are prone to mistakenly interpret them according to today's culture without knowledge of the context in which they were written and what phrases would obviously symbolize back then.
  • @NVG1307
    Certainly, an extraordinary individual still widely talked about. Certainly, very well made episode.
  • I love you for this knowledge and amazingly done Content! Please more ❤
  • @davidesperon273
    well put together great narration 10/10 subscribed right away keep up the quality.
  • Nostradamus was a Man of his time a futuristic Genius in his own Right's, a Spirit to look up Forward a better future.