The Untold Mystery of Indus Valley Civilization | Dhruv Rathee

Published 2022-09-05
Indus Valley Civilization is one of the biggest and oldest civilizations in the world. We have been taught about this topic in our schools a lot, but even after so much research, there are two mysteries that are to date unsolved related to it. First, how did it end? And second, what language did they speak? Watch this video to find out the entire history of the Indus Valley Civilization, and why no one has been able to solve its mysteries.

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All Comments (21)
  • Jassu Kri
    History is so interesting, if only I had teachers like you, my childhood could have been so much fun!! I am jealous of kids right now, they have such good resources...
  • Nabanita Dey
    Being a history teacher just loved your research work 💜
  • Jawad Gul
    I'm from Sindh and "Mohenjo-Daro" is very near to me. I agree with Dhruv and other historians that people living there was so advance. In recent times there was a lot of flood in Sindh and even newly built drainage system crashed. But "Mohenjo-Daro" drainage system worked tremendously even though it was built 5000 years ago 😲. You can estimate how advance they were
  • What an amazing, interesting master class by you, Dhruv.
    It takes lot of study, insights, preps and skills to come up with such a learning experience.
    Congrats, Thanks, Best wishes.
  • I'm an archaeologist . The information you have sheared that is really valuable.I would like to request you to make more videos on archaeological background.. if u need any information or pre-historical , historical and proto-historical data or any information regarding ancient Indian culture u can ask me anytime ..
  • material gworl
    Its my first day at a History club at my school, and we were learning about the Indus Valley and its unsaid mysteries! I thought it was so interesting so I decided to research some more at home, and this taught me loads! Thanks dude, This really helped :)
  • Seawater
    One of the best videos ever made. You’re truly creating a standard for Indian YouTubers. Love you man
  • Syed Ahmed
    Sometimes I feel lucky that I know 3 languages - Bangla, English and Hindi. This really opens my doors of knowledge via great youtubers like you, Dhruv. Love from Bangladesh!
  • Shadman Rahman
    Hey Dhruv, this topic Indus Valley Civilization came up in my exam yesterday about 21 marks question. And I did everything right in the exam, which I came to know after watching this video, thank you for making such videos ❤️
  • Drithi Shetty
    When I was in 6th we had a whole chapter dedicated to the 4 civilisations (Indus, Egypt, Hwang Ho, Mesopotamia) and I used to find these boring but thank u so much for explaining it
  • Manel Lopez
    I am a Spaniard currently traveling around India for the first time. Many thanks for allowing me discover better the history and culture of your country with your highly entertaining videos.
  • ShanZay t
    I'm an archaeologist ...i really appreciate your efforts👌
  • Dr. Aakanksha
    Happy Teachers day Dhruv. We all love you for your down towards earth nature and awesome content. God bless u. Sorry for wishing you late.
  • Gaming Pat
    I had my history exam today and Harappan civilization was in my syllabus. I could answer all the questions related to you. This video helped so much.
  • Your Wellwisher
    History is interesting if it's shown with animations or with pictures like you did, I didn't feel bore at any second of video and was hoping this video never ends. Schools should also teach history like you did here only then students won't sleep in History periods.
  • Gulupsha Gullu
    I used to hate history in my schooling. I thought it was boring than other subjects. It's not about the students mentality, it's about the teachers way of teaching. That time it was just to memorize the year's and names. Now I'm very interested in knowing history, geography all social related things.
  • AnimeWorm
    I wish I had a history teacher like you 🥺😓♥️
  • Harmonic Hammer
    Happy teachers' day dhruv. We have learned a lot of things through your videos over these years. Keep making more and more informative videos.
  • padmini patro
    How amazingly you describe all the facts and figures with history...thank you for letting us know 👍