Dr Russell Barkley on ADHD Meds and how they all work differently from each other

Published 2014-10-18

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  • Russell Barkley is the man! Having adhd throughout my life, I have never heard such a powerful voice in the psychological realm than this guy.
  • Heather Rekalske
    Oh, wow. I wish I'd had this information 3 years ago. I was taking ADHD medication while severely depressed. I told my doctor that I felt better emotionally while the medication worked, but as soon as it wore off I would start crying again. I told him I was depressed, and I thought I needed an antidepressant. He thought I was bipolar based on the fact that I'd had severe depression before (bu it was never completely resolved and the PTSD issues I have were never addressed) and kept insisting that I take an atypical antipsychotic, which didn't work for me. I stopped taking the stimulant medication because I thought my depression was worsening on it instead of getting better. I eventually ended up in the hospital, and now I'm on sertraline HCl, gabapentin, and prazosin HCl, but no ADHD medication. I need to be able to focus to function and to not interrupt people in a spastically helpful way to be able to work, but I am afraid my doctor won't listen to me about combining medications to get the lowest possible dose. When will this knowledge become mainstream and trickle down through the rest of the pschological/psychiatric establishment?
  • Heather Rekalske
    I took it. It helped, but not as well as adderall. I asked for a combo so I could take a lower dose of the stimulant, but my doc refused. Also, I have IBS, and Strattera at the highest dose caused GI issues for me, whereas the adderall actually helped. So, it helps somewhat, but I think you'll have to end up taking multiple medications as I do, at least if you want to be able to manage work and family and not dance around your chair like a 4-yr.-old at meetings. Hope this helps.
  • Basem
    Thank you so much for this very informative video. It helped me to learn a lot about my child's ADHD Medication.
  • Georgia Heard
    LOL, I had to listen to this 4 x today. Not my best day...... " keep on swimming"
  • J Lloyd
    The Strattera maid me very angry. It was not going good.
  • Sasha Tagger
    Emotional blunting on the psychostimulants? Why do they euphoric then?