Remind me to never let go of his hand ever again! 🫣 #shorts

Published 2022-08-03

Remind me to never let go of his hand ever again! 🫣

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  • Sandy Yusuf
    Neo's like "mommy how dare you. I even giggled handsomely and everything" 🤣😥
  • Hart Hart
    or you could just get in the back seat with him.
  • crafty Girl
    Im soo curious to hear his voice when he grew up . Wish you the best 🥰
  • Brenda Bernal
    That’s how my grandson is with my daughter!! She doesn’t drive, so she’ll hold his hand until her arm hurts!! 😩🤣
  • Priya Jaanu
    Neo smile makes everything he's cute smile 🥰🥰
  • Barbara McKay
    Those times are when I sat in back with our child rather than injure myself twisting around.
  • Sherry Bailey
    You are growing so sweet Neo baby. God bless you angel
  • Dog Surfer
    Ok but why don’t you just sit in the back so you don’t have to be twisted around for two hours??? 😂
  • Melonie Mathis
    Awww, Neo loves his mommy, I love listening to him to laugh and giggle it is so cute with that million dollar smile.☺☺❤
  • I honestly just let myself or my wife sit in the back.. it doesn’t make sense to sit up front
  • Addie
  • Chip
    Aww he is so cute🤍
  • Harper Prince
    I didn’t see the mirror at first and thought it was just a long car lol 😂
  • China Chong
    I remember I had to hold on to my daughter's leg while I was driving lol silly girl.
  • Janet Griffey
    That looks uncomfortable.. That's what good momma's do!! you should just sit back there with him. ♥️♥️♥️