Published 2023-05-21
Hailing from the gritty streets of Baton Rouge, Fredo Bang is a true embodiment of the hustle and the struggle. He's been through it all, from the block to the booth, and his story is one that'll inspire you to chase your dreams. Born and raised in the heart of the trenches, Fredo Bang faced adversity at every corner. But instead of letting it break him, he used it as fuel to rise above and create his own path. From his early mixtape days with projects like "Fredo Kruger" and "Most Hated" to his major-label debut album "In the Name of Gee," Fredo Bang has continuously pushed boundaries and captivated listeners with his unique sound. Join us as we dive into the mind of Fredo Bang and cover topics ranging from his love life to his street life, and how it all translates into his art.



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All Comments (21)
  • @joshiannuzzi6737
    Fredo is one of the realest people out there and definitely one of the best interviews on million dollars worth of Game.
  • @deez2923
    For Fredo to admit he can’t fully heal because it’ll affect his music, is a testimony of how authentic his music is. That man choosing to continue suffering than healing - give him his flowers!💐
  • @mikeberb
    Fredo my guy . This interview was fire . Transparent and real . Fredo definitely got a future as a record exec too. He was dropping game about the business side. Y’all can do a part 2 on just that 🔥💯
  • @gagerael6292
    I never seen Bang genuinely laugh this much 😂😂 wildin!
  • @johnniejonesjr
    This was fire man 🔥 Love watching Fredo’s interviews
  • @rubiotelevision
    You guys always give me a good laugh I need, even tho gillie says the same jail jokes. It never gets old 😂
  • @YoMa1ne
    So glad y'all get this been waiting on this interview for a long time hoping y'all would have him on here salute 💯
  • @bigvinceking8310
    By the end of a Fredo Bang interview you will laughing right along with him and feeling like you’ve been knowing him your whole life. Real humble, down to earth individual.
  • @kingross3418
    This always happens with me I know who they are but haven't really listened to their music, But when I watch their interview, I deal with them more cause you can see their personality. This interview 🔥🔥🔥💯
  • @lisahyatt2840
    This Show Gives You Presentable Success Tips And The Interviews Give You A Choice..Go This Way Or That Way As You Hear Their Stories Of Who Was Interviewed Much Respect
  • @bcarter5730
    I love how fredo not on here flexing and acting emotionless he being transparent asf and real
  • @ramielawrence151
    This was y’all best interview by a long shot… this was the first episode that had actual game
  • @Nemo71340
    I met Fred when I was working as a lighting guy in Orlando at one of the clubs he was doing a show I worked on. He was cool as a mf, super humble dude respectful to the staff. He made a nice check too that night.
  • @fallinstr2098
    Fredo never disappoints in interviews. He just comes off as so real and open and honest. Like he’s so comfortable with who he is as a person that he doesn’t have to put up some facade. He’s relatable. It’s his interviews that make me check out his music.
  • @myronoldman9316
    The end had me dying and weak on God 😆😆😭. When they start talking about Glo and Fredo changed the subject asking about the barstools symbol. Then Gillie ended the pod saying Wallo Bang and Wallo held up for fingers symbolizing he can have 4 woman at the same time 🔥🔥😂
  • Always love Fredo's interviews. Has actual character and is the realest it gets