Match The Crime To The Convict

Published 2023-09-02

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  • @RalvA101
    The rope/milk guy was pure comedic golddd lmfao his answers getting more unhinged and unserious got me dead LMAOOO
  • @m.93
    Niko laughing his ass of while number one talks about how he strangled someone is hilarious 😂
  • @adoresvelour3146
    dwayne is such a legend. he’s so charismatic. and his stories w kim are so wholesome.
  • @pardesisivakasi
    To be fair, Truth have a great personality. Hope he continues to stay on the right path in life
  • @lacie.w
    Dwayne actually genuinely seemed like he had grown and was proud of himself and I loved it
  • @tokoua06
    We all know Bradley would be the most convincing one if he was there 😂
  • @tasmimsaju
    Chunkz setting up niko while he was clapping for the criminals is funny af😭 0:55 Also Aj saying Mental like he wasn't clapping too lma
  • @blan0539
    the way they all listened so intently to dwayne at the end was so wholesome 😭 like niko and chunkz got so srs
  • @cassiethecat4819
    Mr Abeen looks like the most innocent guy ever 😂😂 Respect to him for trying
  • @Sillytjuh
    3:25 Niko called it early on 😅 he said “ Kim’s heart opens up when she sees Truth speak” and “She loves Truth” That boy is to smart
  • as someone that had worked alongside Dwayne for many years in the prison service i can vouch for the guy, outstanding guy and what an amazing work he does with the youth inside the prison system, was really surprised and happy to see him in the video
  • @Abdurrahmanmuad
    I love how truth lied about his name the whole time and kim just called him dwayne at the end 😂😂
  • @online6348
    Truth was so relaxed and laughed at stuff when others talked while they were all in their role itwas easy to spot
  • @nizany1263
    At 12:47 when they thought Dwayne’s story didn’t ‘check out’, you can tell he was getting emotional about how much he appreciated Kim when he thought back to it
  • @xasvgho
    anyone else noticed that at 18:39 when niko went up to switch, kenny was telling him to come back because he was worried for him 🥲 honestly I love kenny so much and how he cares for all his friends is so sweet ❤
  • @jayde7344
    Could instantly tell number 5 was with law enforcement (police). The way he stood- iconic to police- (legs spread and hands held together low or hands side by side slightly clenched ), how he walked off, the look (of a senior Sargent or constable) and his level of information about the type of crime and the way he delivered it. He felt too informed and was highly detailed in his delivery compared to an “ordinary” person or a criminal.
  • So proud of Dwayne, seems like he managed to live his old habits behind