Luke Evans Serenades Emily Blunt With Adele's "When We Were Young" | The Jonathan Ross Show

Published 2022-11-02
Luke Evans and Emily Blunt join Jonathan on the sofa where they talk Brazilian waxes, pregnancy, being British, and finally, Luke Evans shows off his impressive voice with a rendition of Adele's 'When We Were Young'.

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[Airdate: 1 October 2016]

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All Comments (21)
  • Brad Campbell
    Emily Blunt is so talented and a really good singer. Blown away by her performance in Gideon’s daughter (in which she sang) and massive fan ever since.
  • Ray Cardy
    Luke has a great voice - his singing 'I Vow To Thee My Country' at the Festival of Remembrance last week was incredibly moving!
  • Sweta Shetty
    I love that Luke Evans LOVES to just SING even professional singers also kinda hesitate when asked to singa few lines randomly..but he just is game anytime anyplace i envy him🥰
  • Fatima Daniels
    Luke has an amazing voice. Loved his rendition of Adele song. Emily is simply beautiful
  • à la mahala
    Luke Evans loves a serenade! About 8 years ago at a restaurant I worked at in London he "serenaded" me while I took a bill payment. I think I said something to the person he was with about remembering her face from a previous visit to the restaurant and next minute he is singing a song about remembering someones face but not their name (can't totally remember because it was so long ago!). Despite feeling a little awkward taking a bill payment while he sang, it was a really sweet, wholesome moment.
  • Zony
    Amazing!! 👏👏👏Love his singing very much❤️🥰👏
  • jmatt4life
    Luke is a WONDERFUL singer!
    He has some tunes on his YouTube page.
    Emily is such a LOVELY lady!
    I especially enjoy the Jonathan Ross show, always very entertaining!
  • Luke made the ABSOLUTE PERFECT “Gaston”!!! His performance was just incredible. And Emily Blunt has the voice of an angel. I would’ve loved an impromptu duet from them. Opportunity lost. 😢
  • birdie
    Even tho the beauty and the beast movie sucked, his singing in it was remarkable. I’ve listened to it too many times to count.
  • Robb
    I love them both, and together is just delightful. And Girl on aTrain was just incredible. I wish him peace and joy on his new journey in life.
  • John Graydon
    I love Emily unashamedly just an old person who recognises talent personality and just a lovely lady. 🎉
  • pearlnz27
    Great interview 😊
    And please tell me, I'm not the only one sitting here wanting to hear Luke's full version of When we were young?! Love, love his voice and that rendition was 🔥🔥❤️
  • siusi
    Omg…. Loving Luke Evans and Emily Blunt together!!!!!
  • Lynda
    Hard not to swoon when you see or listen to Luke Evans
  • TTP
    Luke’s story about being called Wayne Rooney is hilarious because the same thing happened to me in India. I had my hair cut really short and a shaved face and everywhere I went people were shouting at me calling me Wayne Rooney and wanted their photos taken me. I belly laugh thinking about it.
  • The Christicorn
    Never thought about that, but what if an actress legitimately doesn't know she's pregnant and has to do a scene that's really rough and she's not using a stunt double? That's actually really scary to think about!
  • Salimere Khorami
    So much respect for Luke Evans and other gay actors who play straight characters flawlessly, specially steaming passionate scenes, it blows my mind how he portrays himself. Emily is such a classy lady 😘😘
  • Dale Wylie
    man i love Emily she's painfully gorgeous and she's hilarious