Everything We Know About The Planets In Our Solar System | Cosmic Vistas Compilation | Spark

Published 2022-11-27
Thanks to the advance in technology, we now know more about the planets in our neighborhood than ever. What do we know about planets like Mars, Saturn, or even asteroids and dwarf planets in the Asteroid Belts?
Thanks to the invention of spaceflight, the drive to explore are leading us upward and outward - off of our own planet and out into the solar system where a host of alien worlds offers us vast new terrain to uncover. This visually breath-taking series offers a new perspective on our solar system. Through beautiful HD imagery, audiences will not only be taken to places they have never been to, but they will get an immersive experience of places they could never go.

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    This channel is world-class. I'm just blown away by the availability of information in this age in which we live.
  • Danboi
    Amazing video my man.
    Very comprehensive 👌❤️🇦🇺
  • Danboi
    Lost but not forgotten..
    RIP Cassini ❤️😔🙏💐
  • Clive Elsworth
    A 10th of a micron is about half the thickness of a human hair. But the thinnest human hair is about 50 µm. It’s interesting to me that numbers matter a lot when you’re working on something technical, but style beats substance if you want to get a large audience.
  • Clay Van Alstyne
    One of the best series. It’s not just the visuals or the right mix of audio BUT Ivan Seminuks voice. It’s hypnotizingly 😂 smooth.
  • Shiv Sagar
    Just beautiful watch!! Lovely. Thanks
  • Nathaniel Davis
    Love to listen to space videos , after midnight , before dawn.
  • Mansoor Mannix
    Scientists believed Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune to be Giants had planets. What if they have the rocky ground surface?
  • william angel
    Thanks for the great content!! Hooked. Im on a binge now... who needs freddy, jason or leatherface... these type of videos are terrifying.. but amazing and calming. It makes me feel like we are so small, our issues are so insignificant and petty. And how amazing humanity is and lucky to exist. The universe allowed humanity to evolve and grow, which is soothing.. then it can end us at ANY moment which is scary but motivation to not waste anytime. Have a great day to anyone reading this hug a loved one, say hi to a stranger, life is a spectacular thing.
  • Cory Dinsmore
    Cassini was moving at 40,000mph and still took 7 years to get to Saturn. Traveling at that same speed, it would take 6,300 years to get to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star to our son. Now you see why the chances of being visited by aliens are pretty much zero.
  • To travel faster than light, we will need to learn how to ‘push/pull’ at the same time and not just push.
  • Arizaniac
    we have videos of brine on mars already, we already found surface water.
  • Watching from Greece.hi everybody.
    Great video.
    Merry Christmas and happy New year to all the people of earth and to the aliens!!!
  • Alex Robb
    The shell that lowered the rover could that have been used as an automatic flying drone after landing the rover
  • marciefree
    Fun stuff. Thank you for making this. 💝❤️🥰😇😇😇
  • CJC 3636
    Love the content. One issue: I'm older, and with my hearing the mix of music and sound effects drowns out the voice over/host, and somewhat annoying if I watch for more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, respect to the effort and content. Peace!