Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22

Published 2020-12-21
BEST CHRISTMAS PRANK EVER! Plus a Christmas themed Get Crafty & Cool Not Cool!
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All Comments (21)
  • Sam
    I’ve never seen anyone go through as much pain as Cody did.
  • Cathair 929
    I love how even with the best job in the world Garrett seems to hate his job
  • Chris ryerson
    I feel so bad for Cody.

    He uncooled his own gift to Coby on accident.
    He only received a three-dollar miniature leaf blower as his gift.
    And he didn't get a milkshake.

    Someone give this man a hug
  • Bryan Garcia
    Can anyone else appreciate that Coby is the probably the only one to play along with Ned in wheel unfortunate
  • _.XCIV808
    Cody: Gets hosed 6 times in a row

    Ned on side: THATS UNFORTUNATE
  • Breanna Morice
    As an Australian, I feel the Christmas spirit in the beach gingerbread houses!
  • Ansh Itodiya
    I am surprised that Cody didn't cry. He is quite strong person
  • Ahmad Rezaie
    I love how sparky tells coby and Cory that their project is lacking Christmas spirit, and then chooses Garrett as the winner who does the tropics. Tropics and Christmas go totally together doesn’t it?
  • Coby gets a lot of fireworks,
    Tyler gets his favorite cereal with a custom box
    Garret gets a fishing lure
    Cory gets an ice cream truck
    And Cody gets a 3 dollar leaf blower.
    And the fact that he lost get crafty, he accidentally uncooled his own item, his office got wrecked, and he didn’t get a milkshake, makes it even more sad.
  • Chief_Gor
    The pain on Cody's face at 24:36....We love you Cody! lol
  • Austin Zamora
    Cody apologized so quick to garret when he accidentally hit his ginger bread house
  • Xtreme MO
    The reactions on Cody’s face after he got hosed each time were priceless
  • XxWrecksXx
    The fact that they can fill a complete hall with Guinea’s records is just impressive
  • Landynr54
    Garret: I never said sparky was a bad judge
    Bryce hall: I’m not a fighter, I’ve never claimed to be a fighter
  • Emma K
    Cory getting fifth place is just incredible. I am amazed.

    He normally gets sixth… and there are only 5 dudes
  • Ferrari-624
    Coby: that’s illegal.
  • Gamer JB
    This is by far my favorite OT episode. Props to the guys
  • Liv
    Can we just take a moment for Cody’s losses this overtime
  • Rachel
    Lol, I love how Cory says that his gingerbread house doesn't fit in 3:16 to 3:20 but the pieces are actually in the opposite spots they are supposed to be in.