135 Secret Blox Fruits Things You Didn't Know Existed

Published 2023-08-27
Here are 135 Secret Roblox Blox Fruits Things You Didn't Know Existed!


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  • Fun fact: you dont need to use a move before landing on lava to be immune, it for some reason only damages you if u move while on it without magma equipped or in leo transform
  • The “it exists” Easter egg I feel is most likely a nod to “THE ONE PIECE IS REAAAAL!!!” As “it” (in blox fruits) as it is somewhat related with one piece, “it’s real” is probably a nod to the one piece being real, hope the text becomes true in a future update :>
  • @Aca_XD
    If you do the big buddha sword glitch it actually increases your range
  • @user-bt2mu1zr8g
    He called hp(health points) horse power when he was referring to a ships health
  • @Flaim101
    Fun fact: hp doesnt stand for horse power, it stands for hit points
  • @MuiOnesword
    I actually managed to get out of a raid without dying by using light flight in 3rd sea
  • For 2:00 it’s actually better to use sharkman karate, for one it’s easier to get but also the m1 has no pause, it is so far the only fighting style that won’t stop for half a second after 5 or so swings
  • @ATransformerNerd
    only ogs know that christmas wrapping they put on the fruits back after the whole copyright incident
  • reason number one: people can just memorize it. Reason number two: you can just use Compass if you’re focused on grinding, and you can also see silhouettes of islands.
  • @APerson37.
    “It exists” was a reference to the dark blade v3 (white dark blade) existing you can find random words like this in awakening room and other places
  • @epicdude7761
    sparky: the bomb fruit is the strongest fruit in the game

    also sparky 10 minutes later: everyone looks at bomb like its something useless *i mean it is one of the worst fruits in the game*
  • @mrmouse5557
    24:00 "When you are on low hp and you need to get out of fight make your friend blow you up whit one of the highest damage ability".
  • @matieadizas8891

    My brain: The one piece… the one piece is real! Can we get much higher…
  • @SasiSasi-cc5ys
    also there is another secret is that the swan boss uses unawakened dough fruit he will always use sticky dough
  • @ghostridernz17
    Still dont fully understand why kings legacy is treated differently with fruit names and models and even boss models
  • @Progamer-qx3tc
    Fun fact: the perm Buddha is pretty cheap so you should buy it your self
  • Fun fact: if you try to use portal on the last island in 3rd sea currently it doesn’t have a teleporting spot
    By the way the “sus glitch” is actually the opan ganman style