2020 Portrayed by Star Wars

Published 2020-09-28

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  • aisha
    The 21st century’s ability to make anything a meme is, quite frankly, amazing
  • J M
    Let’s be real, Trump vs Biden fight would look a whole lot more like the Death Star fight between older Vader and Obi Wan
  • Yuhng boi
    Younglings: how are we gonna survive

    Anakin: that’s the neat part, you dont
  • 3NewDay
    The first one with Vader being the corona virus made me laugh so hard.
  • Rings
    And I'll give The Last Jedi one thing, it made me genuinely laugh when Hux said "You think u got him...?"
  • Test 1
    The last scene actually hits hard, because we all know what is to come.
  • Ace
    I like how Chuck E. Cheese’s has ascended to it’s own category.
  • JustCatchMyViibe
    If the future history teachers don’t show this to our kids...the educational system has failed us
  • pickle
    I like how a girl, who a few months earlier didn’t know what the force was suddenly is able to defeat one of the most powerful force users ever to have existed. Thanks Kathleen Kennedy.
  • Jordy Schnaitman
    This was so well done, I laughed straight through the entire 6 and a half minutes 😂
  • sithman78
    The horrifying thing is that there's still 3 months for it to get even worse.
    Obi Wan: I would Like food.
    Grievous: General Kenobi
    Obi Wan: I would like a 6 piece chicken nugget pack anda large drink.
    Grievous: Specific Kenobi
  • Demoman Gaming
    It's sad to see people are forgetting Rick May
    Rest in piece Rick May
    "You were good son, real good; maybe even the best."
  • JacenTV
    Karen's trying to get toilet paper: we have you 4 to 1

    My dad:
  • Reece Mason
    One day, when kids ask what 2020 was like to live through, we'll show em this video.
  • Zephyr 13
    I laughed out loud when I saw that the wildfires were pointing at everywhere, pure gold.
  • Faizan Syed
    Imagine showing this to someone in 2019