Open Thoughts with @Toosii2x

Published 2023-10-04
Open Thoughts Here…

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All Comments (21)
  • @OpenThoughts0
    we back they took my olds ones down now we back !!! like the video let’s go number one
  • @raindrops4284
    I can tell Toosie is a really good person and he's so freaking adorable.
  • @mercylago4744
    😂 Toosi was really genuinely concerned about that little boy being his son 😂
  • @quenterra5661
    You stole ? I borrowed But you never gave it back Cuz I’m still using it 🤣🤣 This whole episode was HILARIOUS 🤣
  • @swaggst
    Who else followed the shorts to find the full video? His face reaction to the son brought me here.❤
  • The stare Marco be giving ppl after asking certain questions be killin me 😂
  • @b.porter-el8134
    “Ima call my momma on you.” Has to be one of the most funniest lines I’ve heard in a interview 🤣🤣
  • @stevenreyes2160
    I love how Toosi was actually trying with the script and worried about it coming out good 😂 “Can I look over it first?” 😭
  • @xAvi-PR
    I never heard of Toosii but I’m a fan lol. This man’s energy is incredible - he needs to be on with Marco more often. When they put that pic on the TV I died 😂😂
  • @PsKeeks
    Toosi was trying to convince himself that wasn’t his kid 😂🤣😂
  • @justanobody5660
    I can't even pick a favorite part about this one cause the whole thing was funny as hell. But the part about that lil boy was the icing on the cake! 🙌🏽😂🙌🏽
  • @napnaps7393
    His smile is so hypnotic 😍 what a gorgeous man!
  • @JUlia6974
    Shout out that #short that brought me to this interview. I enjoyed everything about it. From Marco’s sarcastic expressions from jumping in and out from questions and Toosie not getting mad 👏❣
  • @melissabowen7456
    “Thats dada baby right there “ melted my heart 🥹🥹 he loves his baby !! 😍😍
  • @MahoganyClark
    Toosii really trying to rehearse the script properly is crazy..💀🤣
  • @godumb6038
    The kid trying to give him a hug is a classic 😂😂😂😂
  • @LjBarr-gs3js
    Toosii couldn't stop laughing that shit was funny asf 😂😂
  • @sunkissednae1985
    😭😂😂 the way Toosii keeps side eyeing him all throughout this
  • @MusicHaven_490
    Tootsies is too cute…..I smile, laugh and blush throughout the entire thing 😂😂😂