Eminem biggest ever freestyle in the world! Westwood

Published 2009-05-27
Eminem & Kon Artis spittin' fire feat. Alchemist live at Maida Vale

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  • Welcome back everyone, because we all know this isn’t your first time
  • @danijellino1921
    Em was straight possessed by that Second Beat.
    You could see it in his eyes.
  • @check4v
    This was almost exactly a year after eminem got clean. You can tell the insane level of mental clarity he recovered.
  • Im back to listen to this for the 10th time after Houdini dropped. Still 🔥
  • @prefix253
    Hello fire department, yes it was Eminem again...
  • @jy3806
    If this was your first time hearing this, I’m jealous of you.
  • Who ever still watching this 2024 you truly appreciate hip hop, and that’s a fact
  • @Shannon-vv6rr
    "I have no idea what im doing" proceeds to spit dragon fire
  • @officialronii
    When you realise you aint the only person watching this 11 years later...
  • @bi00026
    It will be a sad day when Eminem dies. Literally no one else can do this - he's a once in a century talent.
  • @ganjagamer9776
    I ain’t never heard no freestyles sound so effortless more than this. This is literally how his brain works he’s at peace when he spits he was born for this S***
  • @teru6465
    I’m 24 now, I was 14 when I watched this first time. This video is a timeless masterpiece
  • @5602KK
    Found a comment I made on this video 10 years ago at 13. Here I am still at 23.

    EDIT: here I still am at 24

    EDIT: here I still am at 27
    Here in June 2024 🎉 waiting for that new album to drop
    Houdini 🪢🔥