Fleetwood Mac-Smash hits roundup for 2024--Untroubled

Published 2024-05-22
Fleetwood Mac-Smash hits roundup for 2024--Untroubled

00:03:57 : L̲and̲̲sli̲de̲ (L̲i̲̲ve)
00:08:10 : R̲h̲̲iann̲o̲̲n
00:12:42 : The̲̲ C̲h̲ain
00:17:33 : G̲yp̲sy̲̲
00:21:12 : F̲̲l̲̲eetwo̲̲o̲̲d M̲a̲c - Littl̲̲e Li̲es (Of̲̲fi̲c̲ia̲̲l̲ M̲̲u̲̲sic V̲̲i̲de̲̲o̲̲)
00:25:40 : Dr̲̲eam̲s
00:29:44 : F̲̲leetwood̲̲ Ma̲̲c -̲̲ E̲ve̲̲r̲̲yw̲her̲̲e̲̲ (Of̲f̲ic̲i̲̲a̲l̲ Mu̲̲sic̲̲ V̲id̲̲eo̲)̲
00:33:23 : Go̲ Y̲ou̲r Ow̲n Way̲̲
00:38:57 : Silv̲̲er Spr̲̲i̲̲ng̲̲s̲̲ (̲̲L̲̲iv̲̲e)̲
00:42:17 : L̲a̲̲n̲dsl̲id̲e̲̲

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  • @blues_night6868
    What a great decade to be a teenager . No cell phones, social media and all the electronic bs we have today. We used our brains made up games did lots of things that we shouldn't have but guess what we made it...music was so great back then!!
  • @eileenkuntz1058
    Sings from the ♥️. She had a rough time in her 20’s. She is a survivor. Shout out to all the ladies young or old keep rocking
  • 1970’s and 1980’s “Time makes us bolder and children get older .” ~Fleetwood Mac❤️✌️
  • Loved her voice wished I had it in the 70’s. ❤Still love Fleetwood Mac music!
  • @NancyAkiyama
    Her rough life made her into the woman she is today. Look at her. She’s amazing.!!
  • @user-pr4si9qk2r
    I've always loved Fleetwood Mac cause they've got the stuffing to bring us "heart felt!" Music and song!❤❤ 7:54
  • Gemini Sister Stevie Nicks ♊ Landslide great first song for all the feels Fleetwood Mac is one of My all-time favorites and being a 68 baby this time around is a true blessing and still being here to listen a greater one!
  • @ricklong3260
    😢this song ( landslide) is on my funeral music play list. Skol. 😮
  • @danielking3134
    Rumors was one of the first albums I bought as a teen. Steve Miller, Fran Tom comes alive and the first Boston album were what I played on my 8 track in my mustang fastback. This music is timeless and is still great 40 plus years later.
  • I have all your ovens in the shed on my own stuff in the shed our tracks that's how much I love you guys
  • I'll never forget seing them in concert at the old Coral in Calgary. They were just starting out.
  • Strengthened by these days the road is my keys ahead with the work keeps me alive young happy no looking Back the doors are wide open 😀
  • @lenaleach6718
    Lena d Leach grow up listening 🎶 to her music 🎶 🎵 👌 😍 ❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊