I Fixed the Alphabet

Published 2020-07-18

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  • Leron
    The fact that you chose to call your version "Alphabet 2" instead of "Alphabetter" is all the reason I need not to trust it.
  • Rubub
    The way the captions slowly adapt to the changes that you make is genius
  • StevenBridges
    I legit expected this to be a legitimate attempt to improve the alphabet 😂
  • TheMoldySausage
    "Instead of signatures, everyone should just have logos." My man just reinvented a family crest
  • Rylan Chapman
    The signature just being a unique logo to be placed in a designated box is literally how they do document signing in Japan. The government sends you a personalized stamp that serves as your signature. So good job lol
  • Actually, the way you pointed out the 'w' being called 'double u' is so interesting. The french actually do say 'double v' when talking about 'w' so I wonder why we said 'nah man, that's 2 u's put together'. 🤔
  • Asiyah
    Can we appreciate the fact that every time he makes a new decision the subtitle format changes to fit it
  • Matthew Sherwood
    Laughed so hard when he brought up cursive... especially because the picture he showed isn't actually English cursive; it's Russian cursive! (Which is, in fact, worse than normal English cursive anyway, because the differences between Russian printed letters and the cursive letters are much larger, but it's still funny because it gets his point across.)
  • him: "lets cancel c, q, and x"
    the Chinese: quaking right now

    for those who don't know, all 3 of those letters make unique sounds in Chinese that don't exist in English ;)
  • minkle madness
    I like how he casually realises the idiocy behind him removing certain letters by himself
  • Love how the subtitles change how words are spelled as he removes letters. Thats dedication right there 😂
  • Kal
    "Instead of Queue you could say- ...." absolutely pricelessly, you earned yourself a sub, cheers mate
  • Dani Tho
    As someone who had to learn the history of the alphabet, this entire video is equally infuriating and humourous.
  • Knull
    The fact that the captions change according to changes he makes is amazing
    You get a standing ovation
  • Ava Drumm
    As much a joke as this might be, it's honestly probably one of the more likely alphabet remakes to really happen
  • The_57thPony
    Can we appreciate that he even changed the font of the subtitles on this video to look like his version of the alphabet? xD
  • Spiffyman 30
    I always thought C would be better off meaning "ch" instead of having a dedicated pairing for that sound, and then it wouldn't take up the same spot as S or K either. Chart becomes cart. Cart would be spelled kart. Much would be spelled Muc. Cildren, Cosen, Coose, Ouc, etc. You get the idea. Spelling "much" as "mush" made me think of sharing this, thanks to the captions at 4:47 And we might as well use the bird symbol for "sh" too, because why not.
  • I love how you made the subtitles change slowly as the video went on to show the progress you have made
  • TheGameBoy11
    If the alphabet was so good, why isn’t there a sequel.