The Black Phone (2021) KILL COUNT

Published 2022-11-13
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All Comments (21)
  • @bigben1081
    I just want you and everyone on the dead meat team to know that we appreciate how hard you worked to get this video out
  • @TimeBucks
    James does such a good job giving it the justice it deserves.
  • @tsuki-3699
    The scene where finn and Robin meet again teared me up so badly. I know it isn’t even real.. but it’s just way too depressing to watch friends that would never meet again :((
  • This was a really good movie and the Grabber would've never got caught or killed if it wasn't for the siblings having their Mother's Gift and the brother getting captured to solve this missing children murder mystery plus this movie had that The Lovely Bones vibe 👍✌.
  • @user-wx6ww7ss9t
    Can we just say real quick that Zoran's wig looked amazing?
  • @breadman9526
    “The brother he’s been staying with has been moon-knighting as the grabber “ Nice touch. Ethan Hawke was recently the main villain in Moon Knight for those who don’t know
  • @sindel545
    The 9 year old actress was so incredible, she's definitely going places in her career because her performance was so insanely well done!
  • @killergamer23
    Hey James I started watching your videos YEARS ago! And I'm still interested by them!! Keep it up man
  • @user-hj7fe2bl1w
    I hope Kill Count appreciates how much the audience fell in love with Zoran while James was away. He's an absolute gem, would love to see more of him.
  • “In the crawl space, no one can hear you scream” is an absolutely chilling line. Could see Gacy saying that to his victims.
  • @saifsufian4286
    I love how all the other kid's calls are super ominous and scary, but Robins's call is heartfelt and encouraging, it gives that moment so much impact.
  • @thephony1651
    I love how Zoran disguised himself as Mrs. Janisse even though he was just on the phone 💀
  • I love that Zoran dressed up as James’s mum for an audio only phone call 😂
  • @billzjr222
    Tbh this was the best killer movie I've seen in a long time. The killer actually gets killed by his own victim in a cool fashion. Fkn awesome.
  • @andrews4717
    I love joe hills work. I’ve been a big fan of his since Locke and Key and I got an autographed replica of the Key to the candy cane gates from his book Nos4A2
  • @TellItAnimated
    Amazing, The Black Phone was awesome watching in the theater earlier this year, I loved Sinister so had high hopes for this one, and I was not disappointed :)
  • @RaptorRed
    I’m shocked to hear that the lead kid in this movie was his acting debut. He was good. Loved the movie. I love Ethan hawk in everything he’s done. Hopefully they’ll make a sequel but if this is the only one I’m ok with it.