The Monarchy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-11-13
John Oliver discusses the future of the British monarchy, what they have and have not acknowledged about their past, and how Winston Churchill preferred to go down waterslides.

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All Comments (21)
  • Playhouse Toys
    As an Indigenous Canadian, I can assure you that my family has been directly impacted for the worse, by colonialism
  • For those of you outside of Canada, if you went to a Canadian residential school, you had over a 90% chance of experiencing extreme physical and sexual abuse, and you only had a 40-60% chance of living through the experience. And when I went to school I was taught that we were being kind and supportive of the indigenous children, and the fact that so many complained was a sign that they were needy and ungrateful. Horrible, yes?
  • Lady Wildfire
    "We will not blame him for the crimes of his ancestors if he relinquishes the royal rights of his ancestors; but as long as he claims their rights, by virtue of descent, then, by virtue of descent, he must shoulder the responsibility for their crimes."
    -James Connolly, 1910, on King George V.
  • Eric Posey
    British people doing mocking Australian accents is my new favorite genre of comedy.
  • Sophie Daoust
    We’ve been having this debate since the queen died in Québec (Canadian French-speaking province) and two parties did not want to swear the oath to the king… but they could not enter their function as MP without swearing that oath. Three MP from one party today were not permitted to attend. Of course there is a lot of political stuff around that, but it still an unresolved constitutional debate about why can’t a democratically elected person cannot perform their duty without lying under oath for the sake of a monarchy that most of Quebecois don’t believe in.
  • PlaceFantasy
    Im canadian, As you can tell by the fact that I’m two weeks late in commenting. I just wanted to say thank you for using your show to talk about the residential schools. The sheer number of unmarked mass graves of indigenous children found in the last two years is absolutely devastating and it is so important that people don’t forget it
  • Steven McNabb
    For those of you who are curious, Sky did in fact air this segment.
  • Koru
    Dear John,
    I am 'the older generation' in Canada. I believe that we have to dump the monarchy for if nothing else, to make actual restitution to the first nations of this country in good faith. Why are we still sucking the teat of the monarchy and continuing to be a colony? We need to grow up and be a country in all that is implied by that. GROW UP Canada!
  • Remy Fontaine
    I was surprised when I learned that the Queen wasn't just the head of state for Canada, she was literally the Queen of Canada.
  • The monarchy has more than just ceremonial function, in the way described by Oliver in this video. For example, the Monarch has the consitutional power in Australia to disolve parliament (trigger new elections), as happened in the Whitlam Dismissal in 1975.
  • Sylvia Plath
    “You can’t be a symbol for the institutions and bear no responsibility for how those institutions behave” We want an episode on the Dalai Lama next and the abusers he’s been endorsing!
  • O M
    You don't have a fort, colony or city in every time zone on earth without stealing someone's lunch at some point in history. The sad history of the world.
  • Sin ywad
    My grandfather was a detainee in one of the detention camps during the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya. For five years he endured harsh interrogations (beatings, hours in stress position, starvation, forced labor) until he was able to convincingly renounce an oath he had never taken in the first place. When he left the camp, he found two of his children had died and my grandmother and the rest of his children on the point of starvation from being forcibly housed in a concentration village (yes concentration as in WW2 concentration camps) with no access to food. Thank you JO for bringing this atrocity to light. Anyone seeking more information read Imperial Reckoning by Caroline Elkins
  • Wangoru Kihara
    My Dad (still very much alive) was forced to live in those "Mau Mau" camps. The colonialists arrested my grandfather my dad and his brothers helpless. He had to move from camp to camp so that he could get back home while grandpa was in prison. In each camp, he spent ~1month while the colonizers sorted his paperwork of movement!

    The atrocities conducted by that empire is still very much being felt today!
  • astrid
    I’ve been to versailles and that place can definitely generate a lot of tourism with very dead royals lol
  • The youtuber Shaun did a great video refuting the claim that the royal family brings money into the country. Worth the watch!
  • Alain Archambault
    Must be nice to have a steady job and pay just for being you. I do believe they have their royal duties to perform as well as founding and chairing various charitable trusts and foundations.
  • Derek Elliott
    I've been a passive royalist for 72 years but good ol' John changed my mind
  • Miss Kimani
    Thank you for highlighting the maumau story, my grandfather who is still alive and in his nineties was a victim of that horror, he was detained in Kismayu in Somalia and watched his siblings burnt alive, only a sister remained. He usually narrates these stories alot. He says before everything was forcefully taken away his family were actually wealthy landowners.
  • Maya Kanitkar
    "working so hard not to offend a family whose name was branded into people's skin, and who sit atop a pile of stolen wealth wearing crowns adorned with other country's treasures"
    fucking raw