FIFA Imperialism: Last Player Standing Wins!

Published 2023-03-17

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  • yaboi
    This FIFA imperialism series is crazy good. Love the vids! ♥
  • Mina Sherif
    Honestly VVD's shooting is cracked. I was trying to score a bicycle kick in a moment, and my attackers didn't want to score one. So I had a corner and somehow Van Dijk scored an insane bicycle kick
  • This Imperialism fifa was so good thank you for putting all this effort for us thank you for everything
  • DarkVOID34
    Bro, This video was one of the most intense and unexpected thing ever. We should thank Pazjor for being good commentator
    W Pazjor….
  • Man love your videos . easily one of the most creative guys on youtube ❤ i binge watch you sometimes😂😂
  • AcesGaming
    Actually such a smart idea i was skeptical about the thumbnail thinking it would be meh but man such a great video and so intense I loved every second of it
  • DaWolfMaster
    Bellingham and Lewandowski are 2 of my favourite players so I'm happy that they made it this far
  • Famski
    i love the fact that when the arrow spins pazjor looks up suprised
  • Aldo SP
    It’s so amazing a defender won and even better VVD!
  • Lynda Walsh
    Love your content bro. I was worried when Ronaldo was losing
  • Yes, finally van Dyck. I’m so happy I love the Netherlands team.🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Mirrhaan
    This was so unexpected and interesting I love your videos so much
  • aRMin
    This man makes content🔥🔥🔥
  • Molten Cube
    bro really added a goalkeeper into a striker match
  • Krime Noad
    Yo bro please make many imperialism videos, I like this playlist
  • Bob Kipley
    That van dijk goal vs Jude Bellingham was Depay van dijk with the fingers in his ears celebration 🤣 15:05
  • Yusuf Guney
    You should give the teams normal goalies as the clones can’t save anything and every shot is a goal