Beta Squad Best Moments of the Year

Published 2023-12-23

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  • @hinddrid2496
    "AHH NIKO'S TOUCHING ME" will forever make me laugh hysterically 😂😂
  • @Jawnexplores
    The fact that beta squad yearly highlights are more than two hours just shows how much value they add. Amazing.
  • @fatousdiary
    “AAAAH NIKOS TOUCHING MEEEE” Kills me every time 😭😭
  • @jlr1191
    Nah when Niko and Chunkz were ordering stuff with the harmonicas. That shit was fucking hilarious
  • @MCHammersmith
    Honoured to be included in this year's highlights boys! Thank you again for having me. Please tell Dave to return my calls.
  • @IRCW
    Chunkz and Niko undefeated duo honestly love their energy so much boys being boys is so funny to me I love that🤣
  • @clipped6963
    For me theyre the best group on YouTube. AMP are cool but Beta Squad got elite banter and there is a wholesome-ness about them that makes them more relatable
  • @justenjoying188
    I started watching beta squad this year and i regret that i havent watched beta squad earlier, they are absolute masterpiece
  • @Hgakn
    Every Niko moment is basically ✨ICONIC✨
  • @Penseesmodestes
    7:29 this was my ultimate highlight. I laughed for 10mn straight when I saw the original video. Niko was so embarrassed and Chunkz didn't want to stop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
  • @almadukeee
    Niko could potentially catch a case in every clip😭. The man is a legend😂. S/o the whole squad for making our year👏🏽. Special s/o to the whole camera crew, editing team and the entire background staff for giving us quality and entertaining vids❤️
  • Niko scamming the crowd with the fake magic trick is the best thing 😂😂
  • @RoboRicks
    My favourite moment of this year was chunkz saying "AHHHHHHH,NIKOS TOUCHING MEEEEEE' 😂
  • @yousufqureshi879
    Won't lie I was kind of bummed out when I saw this weeks video is a recap but I was laughing like crazy most of the way through... SO much great content throughout the year! Thank you guys for making my week better!
  • @SnowBallzy
    Can we show some respect for how consistent beta squad are.
  • @nistilapsi
    niko and chunkz gotta be the funniest duo ever😭
  • @karmaramy4955
    the fact I can never sit down for more than 30 mins to watch smth and I completed this whole vid in a sitting is actually insane i love beta squad w all my heart
  • @hananwayee
    no way i got excited for the new vid for it to not come 😭 LIKE IVE BEEN WAITING ALL DAYY CMONN