Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Chargers | 2023 Week 10 Game Highlights

Published 2023-11-12

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  • @user-od2io8rs5g
    As a Keenan Allen and Amon Ra St Brown fantasy owner, this was an absolute win.
  • @Dylan-os4eg
    This was my first Lion's game I've ever attended as a fan since a child and I never expected such a great game from both two teams. Such an amazing experience, especially as the Lions fanbase seems to have come out of nowhere and make these home games for teams away games. Pretty marvelous to see both offenses absolutely rip each others defenses apart. My dad has been to 8 lions games now in his life, and this is the first one in which they've won. 7-2!! GO LIONS!!!!!
  • @carramrod8232
    Chargers gifted that goal line pass interference and the Lions almost held them 8 consecutive goal and a few yards or less. That was incredible
  • @rolizabeth92
    Not a Lion nor Charger fan, but I loved this game. Shout out to coach D.C who is turning this Lions team into a serious SB contender. I would love to see them in the SB this year.
  • As a lifelong fan of Detroit... I honestly didn't know what winning felt like until today. The chargers put up such a fight that it was beautiful to watch.
  • This game is a perfect representation of a Lions fan’s anxiety. The only difference is that the Lions won the close game! 7-2 baby!!! 🦁🦁🦁
  • @ahleebobba
    I just want to recognize how the lions are playing together better than any team out there

    Props to Jameson Williams on that downfield block on D Mont’s 65 yard TD
  • @jnordne2
    As a Bears fan, I'm glad to see Detroit doing well after so many years of misery. I'm also happy that Montgomery is finding success on an actual good team. He's always been a solid back.
  • @Abegoldhatch
    I really love this Lions team’s energy. I can feel how passionate they want to win and I also can see how good they are arranged and tactically managed. I wish them the best and I hope they win a SB someday.
  • First time in my 34 years of life I’m actually excited to be a lions fan. Even megatron and Suh never felt like they actually had a real chance at a title.
  • @jimtrack3786
    Browns fan in Green Bay. Salute the Lions! Salute Lion's fan's! Awesome effort! WAY TO GO LIONS!!!!!!
  • @LiamDeege
    Game of the year if you ask me, great win for the Lions, nothing like a big shootout.
  • @STG31
    In my 15 years of being a fan this is the first time I’ve actually watched the lions win consistently since the end of last year 😭
  • @xxxCHAIxxx
    What a terrific game. There was a little bit of everything and a whole Lotta points. Fantastic runs, tight throws, 4th down risks, diverse play calling, just really enjoyable to watch.
  • @R41D3RNAT10N
    Keenan Allen has been so good for so long in the NFL bro. Dude is playing his best ball 10 years into his career🤯
  • @mia1shooter
    the balls of dan campbell to go for it on 4th instead of going for the FG is insane
  • @gigidope
    Man do I love Jahmyr Gibbs….Also, what a block by Jame-o for Montgomery. 💯❤️
  • With this tight win, Detroit is now 7-2 after 9 games this season!

    Hope the Lions continue winning and get a great playoff position!

    This coming from an NFL fan from the Philippines.