Finding Nemo | Disney Music & Ambience - Coral Reef Underwater Sounds for Sleep, Study, Relaxation

Published 2021-03-08
Just keep swimming! Enjoy this compilation of amazing underwater footage with a perfect mix of music from Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Disneyland Park, California.
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Footage Info: Licensed through Canva, captured by pilot371pilot and Nemo-Dahab.
Traklist (Looped):
- Nemo Hurt - Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo Soundtrack - Thomas Newman ℗ 2003 Walt Disney Records
- Shells - Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory Soundtrack - Thomas Newman ℗ 2016 Walt Disney Records
- Submarine Voyage - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Disneyland Park, California
- Main Theme - Finding Nemo Game Soundtrack
- Fronds Like These - Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo Soundtrack - Thomas Newman ℗ 2003 Walt Disney Records
- Haiku - Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo Soundtrack - Thomas Newman ℗ 2003 Walt Disney Records
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All Comments (21)
  • robin peterson
    Probably the most underrated score for a Pixar film, if I'm being honest
  • CamdenKiwi
    Any other 90's kids out there that are crying while listening to this?

    This movie came at such a pivotal time in our lives.
  • Grimnak 777
    This was my oldest son's favorite move when he was little. We use to listen to this music in the car he loved it so much. He wanted us to name is younger brother Nemo...haha. Hearing this music hits me right in the feels. I just had to run down stairs to give my boys a hug. As I was hugging them my son said "I love ya dad" and squeezed me tighter. I was thinking about the first time we brought them to Disney. We had no money so we drove all the way down the east coast just so he could ride the nemo ride at epcot. His was memorized the entire time. "Look look nemo is in the water with the real fish!" He was about 2 years old then. Now he is 13 his younger brother is 11, its too fast. I know the pandemic sucks, however, being able to spend every day with my kids at home is more than a blessing.
  • As an ex scuba diver I love watching this but it also makes me so sad as our oceans are dying. We must do more! So much plastic pollution, and shark finning is still rampant. Sharks are so vital to the health of our oceans. More MUST be done to end the shark fin black market :(
  • My biology teacher put this on during a work day with the lights off. I really hope she does that again, the blue light and music gave me just the right environment to work proficiently, and it also managed to shut up all the troublemakers who usually make it impossible to do anything.
  • Finding Nemo was the first movie I watched entirely in English without subtitles. It really holds a special place 💖 Thank you for the video and all your work on these videos!
  • Vedant Yadav
    "A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one..."
    Didn't expect this, but would be amazing to listen to this. Thanks !
  • Alisha Adams
    Having spent years working at The Seas at Epcot, let me just tell you, this brought all the feels that I did not know that I needed this morning. Trying not to cry at my office job right now. You nailed this, thank you.
  • Krisha Patel
    Omg literally just unlocked a forgotten memory of when I used to listen to Finding Nemo music
  • TreeloCosplay
    My dad is a diver and so am I. When I was younger, he always told me these beautiful stories and showed me pictures from the ocean and I fell in love with it. Watching finding Nemo together with him back then is one of my favourite memories, especially because the movie shows such a deep relationship between father and son. Now, 18 years later, I still get into tears when hearing this music. I love my family.
  • I can only speak for myself, but this music, the visuals, and the sounds that accompany, put me in mind of the fact that life started in our oceans. The sea is where everything, you, me, art, culture, history, everything began for life on earth. There's something almost magical in thinking about it, scary in a way. I think that's why oceans; deep water create such an instant emotional impact for people, either beauty, or phobia. The life there is from another world, and another time, a time when there were no trees, no grass, not birds, or insects. While the land was formless and void, All things that lived lived in the sea. Even if you don't agree with the science, even the Bible story of creation has god creating sea life first. That's where life got its hold on our world, and because of that It shows that all of us, all living creatures have a kinship. for that reason there will always in my mind be an intense and indescribable emotion, a mix of sadness, joy, and awe when I think of life in the seas....
  • RebelPenguinz
    I'd been waiting for more good Disney pieces Ambient...then you come out with one of your best so far 🤯
  • Alexfzg99
    Admit it, Lion King might be considered as one of the greatest animated film but Finding Nemo holds a special place in our hearts
  • swanguard
    this has been my comfort soundtrack for years and years so i'm very pleased you made a video using it :)
  • Sagecho
    Finding Nemo released two and a half weeks after I was born. Growing up on the carpeted floor of our front room, it feels like Finding Nemo was always on that old, 90s cube shaped TV. I still get goosebumps when the music plays at the start of that movie. I'm starting my second year of college this fall, and I took a Marine Animal Diversity course last semester. I watched Finding Nemo again last month and had so much more appreciation for the film. The nostalgia and surreal calm that hugs me when I hear this soundtrack is so warming 💙
  • San Diego
    Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, Toy Story, Ice Age, Harry Potter, I will forever be grateful I was fortunate enough to have been a child during those great movies
  • Pixar is masterful at making people cry. This soundtrack pulls me into a feeling of nostalgia and of the love I had for Finding Nemo growing up, and, sure enough, I was holding back tears. What a beautiful score, and shoutout to you, Ambient Worlds, for picking up on its potential.
  • Paulina Tov
    I imagine myself at Disneyland and I can't help but feel like crying! All of your film score compilations get me through studying! Amazing work :)
  • This is something I've been needing for years. Thank you. The Nemo soundtrack always managed to transport me to much calmer times when I was a kid.
  • Cameron Eby
    My students loved watching/listening to this at the end of the day. They were all super relaxed and in awe of the visuals and music. Thank you so much!!