Smash Bros, but if I say ANY character's name then I die

Published 2021-12-21
Can I beat Smash Ultimate without saying a single character's name?

This was streamed live on Twitch!

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All Comments (21)
  • Cracka Ton
    you know you've broken a man when all he can say are things like doug good, doug happy
  • Olive The 2nd
    0:43 "You just said Ike"
    1:55 "You just said Ike"
    2:15 "You just said Ike"
    2:27 "You just said Ike"
    2:38 "You just said Ike"
    3:22 "You just said Ike"
    5:14 "You just said Ike"
    5:26 "You just said Ike"
    5:49 "You just said Ike"
    5:54 "You just said Ike"
    5:59 "You just said Ike"
    6:04 "You just said Ike"
    6:32 "You just said Ike"
    7:15 "You just said Ike"
    11:44 "You just said Ike"
    13:56 "You just said Ike"
  • Gengarzilla
    That "Chrome or Firefox" bit was bloody beautiful. Throwing in a two for one deal where the obvious one draws all the attention.
  • Moss dude
    I love how Ike is right in the middle of the picture at 5.0 difficulty, he's waiting for you every run.
  • Felipe A. Saito
    9:43 it always cracks me up how Doug gave a pause to loudly and clearly say Isabelle
  • Luke
    Him not finishing the donation, cutting off at “more” and then saying “yo” and the computer hearing Mario is so funny in a way that’s hard to really describe.
  • SlurpyTheDog
    Imagine confessing to your crush that you like them and they respond:
    “You just said Ike, dumbass”
  • Thomas Joosten
    1:10 By saying he used Microsoft Edge, Doug quite literally said Ike's name but since the spelling is not there, the program didn't recognize it. He really lucked out there.
  • TheAdvertisement
    6:06 Dougdoug failed not saying "Ike" so many times that the AI decided to drop the beat!
  • Firestorm
    As an Ike main, this is hilarious
  • Nox Echo

    "you just said ken"

    master hand slaps dedede to death in confirmation

    that part was hilarious
  • Absol_Lute_Zero
    The fact he honored a lot of these bugged detections is admirable
  • Kaiden
    Can't wait for future streams where every time Doug says like the entire chat erupts in "YOU JUST SAID IKE"
  • 12:29 Love the attack used by the hands to actually bitchslap Doug for getting that far to then be tricked
  • "you just said ken, bitch."

    the sheer disappointment when he was almost there but messed up at that one point
  • BanjoDestroyer64
    DougDoug:'' You can't defeat me."
    Voice program:'' oh i know...but he can.''
  • Caleb Torres
    Ah, I remember when this came out. This was the first Doug Doug video I had ever seen.
  • Thebes342
    Doug: breaths

    “You just said Ike

    D U M B A S S
  • Alvaro Figueroa
    Ngl " can you pls ban joe " has to be one of my favorite attempts, whoever thought of that was pretty clever