The Fox and the Bird - CGI short film by Fred and Sam Guillaume

Published 2021-03-25
A solitary fox finds itself improvising fatherhood for a freshly hatched baby bird. Two paths cross and a family is formed, until fate reminds each of the life it is meant to lead.

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Original title - Le Renard et l'Oiselle
Directors - Fred and Sam Guillaume
Year - 2019

This short film participated in the following festivals:
- Annecy (Competition Jeune Public) 2019
- Aspen Shortsfest (Int. Competition) 2019
- Animafest Zagreb (Children Competition) 2019

All Comments (21)
  • Блин, а у меня слёзы на глазах, я, аж вскрикнула, когда лиса отцепилась, делайте добро, добро спасёт мир. Всем добра и мирного неба над головой!!!
  • Andrea Fox
    A simple but beautiful story with an uplifting message. I loved how the fox was willing to give up his life for the bird who was determined to save him and then got saved by mum or dad bird. The animation and music was superb. Bravo.
  • Чуть сердце не встало,когда лис решил отпустить лапки своей птицы над пропастью
  • This animation is literally incredible. As an artist, this is beyond anything any of us could ever do.
  • Ethan Harket
    This short shows more moral, feelings and emotion in this 12 minutes than other current films in their entirety.
  • Замечательный мультфильм. ДЕЛАЙ ДОБРО и ничего в замен не проси. Больше бы таких мультфильмов показывали детям, может тогда и Мир бы стал добрее...
  • Авторы сего душевнейшего произведения непременно попадут в Рай!😇
  • Anna ANITA
    Очень замечательная история👍👏И история поучительная.И всё хорошо закончилось.И персонажи прекрасные,Благодарю❤️🙏
  • Адилет
    Пусть Аллах ( свят он и велик) проявляет свою милосердность тем кто нуждается в ней..
  • Not a word spoken, but so much said. Excellent story, beautiful artistry and a remarkable work. For most of my life I’ve been the fox and as of late I’m feeling like I need to take the flight of the blue bird! Blessings, light and love to all! ✨💙🕊
  • It felt a bit like watching what foster families do. They care for and raise the child, teach them everything they need to know... Only to be left with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow when the child finds their family.
    They may never meet again, but they have forever left a mark on the heart of the other.
  • Восхитительное произведение в необычном жанре, тк этот минимультфильм есть настоящий шедевр высшей пробы, все в нем совершенно. Спасибо!
  • Femai Ben Rigiel
    I fell devastated when the fox decided to release the birdie to save him... Captivating and adorable message. I have never seen this before. From now one of my favourites.💖💖💖
  • Light Embodied
    is there a way to contact the aritsts and tell them how brilliant they are? This was and IS one of the bet things ive seen in such a long time. Early pixar quality, but even more heart tugging and lovely. The whole thing was so well written and conceived that it ended up being a bonus that the whole thing was tied so flawlessly together! Thank you for this animated gift!
  • Larva Cartoon
    There is only one word to describe this briefly: A masterpiece 😊 so good!
  • TheAlexis4444
    what an adorable story, well done. The background looks so real. It makes me so sad for foxes in general, as they are such clever and playful animals, but hunted ruthlessly by humans.
  • Браво! Великолепный мультик. Даже слезу пустил, без шуток. Сильнейшая режиссура.
  • Thank you to all responsible for making this!! First, Its absolutely beautiful, secondly, the message made my heart and soul smile!!