songs that make me feel alive - a playlist

Published 2022-04-02

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  • was anyone else walking in the rain to the bus stop this morning, and listening to this awesome playlist
  • rinejin
    When i listen to this playlist i feel like it would be perfect for summer break
  • Byakuya
    -Things for you to chill out after a good day:
    -This playlist.
    -Make sure you have chargers, in case your battery runs out
    -Have water or soda (i prefer water so your mind can be cold)
    -Have headphones so you can enjoy this masterpiece better
    -Make sure its midnight or late, so your brain isnt so stressed
    -Have a hoodie, or blanket all over you cause you will feel safer
    -Have a little lights on for the mood
    -Think about little things that means much to you or think about good memories with friends, family or anything that makes you happy
    -Forget the world, forget that there is so much thing to do, be yourself.
    -If you can msg your friends while all of this so you dont feel alone
    -Make yourself comfortable
    -Have snacks, they dont hurt you while a good midnight 🙂
    -Go to bed so you wont be sleepy all the day after
  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Listening to this playlist while I’m third wheeling with my sister and her boyfriend on summer break. Really brightens my mood!🥲👍🏽
  • straykids_stan13
    Generally love this playlist, it makes me really happy and gives me summer vibes and alot of nostalgia 🤘😎
  • Lindy
    I really love this playlist. I use it for studying, it helps me A LOT!!!!!!
  • martu
    En noviembre es mi viaje d egresada y está es una gran playslits para escuchar en el viaje, de verdad aperecio mucho tu esfuerzo y tus ganas d hacer esto gracias D verdad la música m sube el autoestima y para el viaje esto es increíble!!❤️❤️❤️
  • Hyta Kim
  • Dorothy Jensen
    I was jamming throughout the entire playlist. This amazing.
  • JuliyaxSignal
    Very underrated playlist, you need more attention 👍🌿✨
  • vi toria
    Eu amo essa playlist com todas as minhas forças.

    I liked the playlist so much!
  • Kiera Cummings
    these songs make me think of memories a lot. Thank you <3
  • Misa×͜×
    The fact that this started with as it was just shows how great this playlist will be!
  • wufie
    I love this it actually helped me while editing❤
  • ItsSweetTea
    Literally these songs are my life, they just make me feel alive like they said!!