Minecraft Habits Keeping You Poor

Published 2022-10-02
I make these everyday mistakes too...

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Character drawn by @MagnaGallina

Edited by NOOBster
Footage collected by Jordan Cross, Abelardo Robles, NOOBster, and Frankie Mundo
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from ‪@GeminiTayMC‬ let's play series.
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The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from ‪@Antlerboy‬
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  • @Jeff07061
    Actually, a fortune pickaxe is much more useful for compacting raw ores than a silk touch pickaxe. After mining an iron vein, take your raw iron in a crafting table and make raw iron blocks, which compacts 9 raw iron into 1 block. You can then decompact them once your back from mining. This way you can go on much longer mining expeditions without filling up your inventory and you know exactly how many blocks of iron you got too.
  • @Maderyne
    I light up caves to see, not to prevent the mobs from spawning. Walking in a semi-dark cavern is acceptable I suppose, but still, I would rather see the blocks without the shadows.
  • @DimetryB
    >Minecraft Habits Keeping You Poor >The recommendation to spend extra resources to put golden rails instead of just using redstone powder
  • Use Y-54, not Y-58, for mining diamonds. It's a lot safer being above the lava layer and diamonds there are just as plentiful (slightly less technically, but it doesn't really matter).
  • @ForeverLaxx
    I like these "trick" videos that still tell you to do the inefficient thing. Craft your fortune-gained ore while mining into the raw stacks instead. Also, you actually do want to smelt nethergold blocks because, in the long run, you'll get more gold ingots that way as the average number of nuggets gained per block under Fortune 3 is only 8.8 whereas if you smelt the block, you get 1 full ingot (which is 9 nuggets).
  • You don't want to silk touch ores aside from nether gold. Just carry a crafting table and you can craft the raw ore into blocks of raw ore, giving you 9x the space and saving you from wasting durability on your tools
  • Well, I'd actually rather use Shears since they are much cheaper to replace, especially with an iron farm
  • another fun thing about horses, if you affect them with a speed or jump potion they pass on the enhanced stats to offspring! Over a few generations this can lead to some pretty god like equine friends! edit 1: I have two simple words that make cauldrons 100% worth it, lava farm.
  • cauldrons isn't a ripoff, you can refill them by placing a sourceblock above and have a dripstone drip the liquid into the cauldron (this is mostly used for infinite lava)
  • Regarding the statue of liberty. It was originally a brilliant copper color. So even if it’s not oxidized it’s still accurate. Just historically accurate and not modernly accurate
  • @beewoman
    I had no clue you could actually shoot down chorus fruits, I'm actually mind-blown. Imagine the minigame potential for that.
  • @imperfectimp
    There's one exception to the smelting ore blocks instead of raw ores. Even when you mine nether gold with fortune three, you'll never get a full ingot from a block. Silk Touch them instead, and stick them in a furnace. Though I suppose most of you know this already.
  • @bismuth8387
    I disagree at 2:38 and here is why: Basically, you need to consider how much yield you're going to get from fortune. If, on average, the ore gives you fewer than 9x yeild, you should instead mine the ore with fortune and craft them into blocks as you mine. According to the minecraft wiki, every single ore, when mined with fortune, has an average yeild of less than 9 *except for lapis*, so the silk touch method is only the most efficent with lapis. Since everything else will give you an average yeild of less than 9 items, it's more space efficent to bring a crafting table and craft them into blocks. This way, you can carry more and do not need to re-mine everything at home. However, you could still use the silk touch method if you want to store the EXP for later, in which case, it still has an advantage.
  • @TrojanExodus
    I will say for the crop one, the best way to plant your crops is in a 9x9 square with one water source in the middle. You can keep expanding out with more 9x9 squares, or go up and make a big tower of farms with one water stream going down the middle.
  • @Gemarald
    No fortune is still better than silk touch for inventory space. All you need to do is grab a crafting table, or just have wood on you, and you can easily convert every ore into blocks, saving 9x the space. Unlike silk touch which at most can save 3x. Everyone always remembers to Mine, but nobody remembers to Craft. And yes, I know it isn't fully 9x the space, because you'll always have an extra ore or two you can't craft into blocks, and also the space for the table itself, but as long as you don't go mining with 7 free spaces in your inventory you should be fine.
  • @inoob26
    Counterpoint to cactus + mob farms being inefficient for making lime dye, doing both things yield several side benefits like cactus smelting being integrated into a smelter array exp farm, and the mob farm providing other materials alongside being exp farms at the same time
  • You can compact ores much more efficiently if you mine them with fortune and then craft them into blocks. You get up to 4 items compacted when you use silk touch instead, but you get 9 compacted when you craft blocks.
  • I like how when he says "The mud block is the best candidate for one reason- it's shorter than a full block size," the video shows a magnifying glass zoom in on mud and polished deepslate- the mud is taller. 1:17