I Transformed the END into the DEEP DARK in Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2022-07-15
I Transformed the End into the Deep Dark in Minecraft Hardcore
In this video, I kill 21,449 endermen to transform my end island into the deep dark using sculk catalysts in my Hardcore Minecraft let's play series. This project took over 60 hours of gameplay to complete.

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Raid Farm by Mysticat
Enderman Farm by BlazeDude
Mob Grinder by ianxofour
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Loony, NotNotBrock, Sandiction
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  • Aust
    Let me know what you think of project-based videos like this. I apologize for the wild camera movement in some of the time-lapses. I'm still getting used to replay mod. I'll have that sorted for the next video. 😅
  • RainbowRobro
    Imma just say this, but an important thing to do with ancient cities, is turn on subtitles if you don't have them on already. It helps with knowing what sounds YOU makes that could trigger sculk Shriekers and such, like walking around or eating (yes, eating counts as a sound to trigger sculk). Subtitles also show how many chances you get before spawning a warden. Another thing I would recommend doing when dealing with Shriekers, is to just cover them up with wool instead of breaking it. This is because breaking them make a noise that could trigger nearby Shriekers, while placing wool over it doesn't trigger anything.
  • Vortex GD
    I like how calm his voice is. It's a lot better than other people's videos because it's chill.
  • Beppo
    yoo this is sick! The project, the editing, well done! You have tons of potential! keep up the good work!!!
  • Lapig Huynh
    Can we take a little time to appreciate that Aust perfectly fits his montage with the music?
  • Sparkie
    I love your editing style you're going to grow big soon I can smell it
  • I really liked the fast rythm of this episode , you put so much effort on each one, and also your building skills are insane.
  • Karen Poppins
    Usually I can never sit through whole videos of a survival build project but your humour and editing style kept me so engaged. Was completely shocked you are at 40k, but I don't think it'd be a hot take in saying that if you carry on with this style your channel can easily reach that 1 million mark.
  • Byrd
    The aerial shots of the wither fight had me rolling, they were just chasing around this little speck and absolutely pummelling it 😂
  • Arum
    Really like the pacing and rhythm of the episode, plus your vibe is so chill. Keep it up!
  • Galksi G
    I wanted to say that wow, this was an amazing experience and in my opinion you’ve done an amazing job on something original of yours!
    Also may I ask what is the leafs texture pack you use ?
  • The amount of time and effort you put into ur builds is astounding. Awesome work!
  • ArchieAU
    Your editing is so good keep grinding, I've accidently been watcing you for a while now but I love your content keep it up!
  • Masny_Ciapek
    This end looks amaizing, can't wait to see more of your builds
  • Jacob Peake
    Love this generally thought you were someone who’s did this for years keep growing
  • Jesse Shields
    This is insane! I've just recently gotten back into Minecraft. Last time I really played was say 6 years ago. Looks like I've got a lot to learn.

    Definitely subscribing.
  • This is amazing, and not just the end product, its the fact that he was doing this in hardcore! Like- thats just amazing fr.
    Keep up the good work!
    I hope you get to 100k soon!!
  • ً
    Boy am I glad did I find you. Not only do you have amazing editing and sick time lapses, your dedication to your projects are just… yeah I’m subscribed now.
  • Sheer Echoes
    You're videos so far are awesome so keep it up. I loved your longer 100 days video but I know not everyone likes long videos and they might be hard to make. Keep up the good work :)
  • Blaze00XD
    You are a champ for turning the end into sculk, especially without commands.