Is This The Best Spider-man Game Ever Made??? Marvel Spiderman 2 Trailer Reaction

Published 2023-05-28
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  • @mikyah49
    Peter is really out here sending death threats fr💀 and u can't convince me, Peter didn't catch hella bodies, especially when he destroyed that chopper🤣
  • @MichaelDavis2754
    12:11 look very closely at Peter's neck you can see the Symbiote moving around as he's wearing it it's creepy and unsettling makes sense with the tone of Peter's voice as he's talking to Miles
  • @yaboimichion
    W reaction bro. You got a new sub here! Can't wait for this to drop!!!
  • @timdagod
    5:09 actually we didn’t have brooklyn in miles morales we had harlem which was part of the original map of the 1st game
  • @alonehill
    I’m so hyped for this game bro 😭
  • @joeyscomics5197
    We weren’t in Brooklyn, we were in Harlem. Plot being they there moved after miles dad died.
  • Because he Spiderman and he built different daaaaaaaaaa you people for get how powerful Spiderman i don't know why people are shock