FULL FLIGHT! SpaceX Starship IFT-2

Published 2023-11-18
FULL FLIGHT! SpaceX Starship IFT-2
#SpaceX #Starship #StarshipIFT2

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Pad : OLP-1
Location : Starbase, Texas, USA
Rocket : Starship
Booster : 9
Ship : 25

Learn more about the mission: tlpnetwork.com/launch/starship-integrated-flight-t…

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All Comments (21)
  • @leokimvideo
    That first stage savage U Turn at very high Mach speeds is scary. Not sure how it didn't explode then
  • @markcaserta1367
    This is no failure at all! Its called incremental learning. The 2nd launch was much better than the first and the lessons learned from this launch will go into the third launch. Ultimately, Starship will be a complete success because of lessons learned each time it launches.
  • @silhouette123
    The amazing thing here is
    1. All of the engines are functional, unlike IFT-1
    2. Amazing hot staging separation
    3. The 2nd stage reached space
    It's only unfortunate that the second stage got lost
  • @B4its2L8guy
    What a time to be alive. We are watching history being made.
  • @Luka_2008
    I cant get enough of the booster doing its boost back right after hot staging...its so awesome to see it flip and turn back like that. Congrats SpaceX team!
  • @THEcucufate
    That booster explosion looked like something out of a movie, especially the circular ring burst just before the big one!
  • @mitchconner403
    Oh my stars, watching the hot staging is truly a thing of beauty
  • @franzageek
    8:38 i think i'm able to see the starship exploding? very cool launch btw, congrats to all the spacex crew!
  • @stevejhkhfda
    it brings a tear to my eye hearing the cheers. All these amazing people are achieving something incredible and inspiring.
  • @OneBiasedOpinion
    This is miles better than the last launch. Looks like SpaceX is rapidly approaching the threshold of repeatable orbital flight with these vehicles!
  • @u9Nails
    This ship was always meant to be a feature on the ocean floor. It just chose where it wanted to install that feature! It was such a beautiful launch. Lots of data was collected to learn from and help write the story of design that will be in the final product.
  • I was shouting “Whoooohoooo!!! Go Starship!!!” When it took off! That was absolutely amazing! I also woke myself up at 7:00 AM EST to watch this launch live.
  • @billdunlop8683
    "Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly" lol, When I was just a young lad they called that kind of thing an explosion. lol
  • I was amazed at how bright the light from the bell nozzles was in person. It was bright like a blue star! Looked like the back end of the Star Destroyers in Star Wars!
  • @deniseelles4545
    THANK YOU ZAC for excellent coverage on Starship 🚀 launch, (and to TLP TEAM) You are so right, Space really IS better together!!! I wouldn't be watching all of this if I hadn't discovered your excellent channel! THANK YOU!!!🌝
  • @Combat_Medic
    I haven’t heard them cheer that loud in all of their launches. This is truly something to be able to watch in our lifetime, and it’s sad that people think this is fake…
  • @Bennyboy087
    The booster used the FTS. If you notice the engine diagram in the bottom left during boost back, not all the middle ring of engines relit. After that there were engine failures until only 4-5 remained. At that point there was not sufficient power to put it on its intended course and due to that, for safety reasons, the FTS was executed and the booster was detonated. Amazing progress but one of the key issues seems to be the engines. V3 of Raptor is rolling out soon and hopefully the mechanics are simplified in the same way that they were for V2 vs V1. If SpaceX can get the engines re-ignited consistently, this is a cake walk. GJ to the SpaceX team on the amazing progress for IFT2.