Good Good & Rick Shiels Play a Knockout Golf Challenge

Published 2022-08-04
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All Comments (21)
  • KXiao2
    It’s not the first time he’s been inside you 😂😂 “about 9 inches inside you 😂😂😂😂😂😂” Garret is comedy
  • John Trevizan
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  • Xavier
    Garret-“Have you guys ever watched a ball fly from a lower angle?”
    Bubbie- “Ask Micah”
    😂😂😂😂 pure comedy
  • BeamMonster2022
    Man I remember watching when steve was way behind everyone else. Now he is an amazing golfer.
  • Ben Woodfin
    “It’s not the first time grants been inside of you” Garrett always finds a way to sneak in a comment like that😂😂😂
  • twesttv
    The look on Steve's face after Grant's kids comment, hilarious. Shout out to your crew for the great editing as always 🏆
  • HK1
    This is so much more entertaining than watching pga/dp videos. Being able to hear what the golfers is planning and understand what their game plan is as well as see their reactions feels much more imersive than watching pro golf. The narrative is provided in a far more entertaining way. Keep it up
  • jim sanders
    Thanks Rick for introducing me to this channel. Great bunch of mates having a laugh on the course while playing some really nice golf. Well played all🙂.
  • Anthony A
    I've never been more excited for a YouTube series. Rick has been a favourite of mine for years and to see you guys all play together is awesome. I'm definetly subbed and can't wait to watch the Good Good Golf channel grow.
  • KBB outdoors
    Watching these videos really bring me joys guys cause of an injury I can’t play as much as I want so watching you guys keeps me happy about it golf so thank you!
  • nijuo joing
    Can we all just appreciate how well Ste played. When he gets some speed into the clubhead on the downswing he squares the face up nicely
  • Dark Webb
    Haven't even gotten 5 minutes in the video and just want to say, Rick is pure class. So ready for all these videos!
  • Brian Conlogue
    I seriously had a feeling Steve would be in the final when I started watching.. he really has been playing solid
  • Troy A. Crouse
    This needs to become a yearly week long event alternating between the UK and US...... both my 2 favorite channels!
  • Grenade Away
    Garrett: "Have you ever watched balls fly from a lower angle?"
    Bubby: "Ask Micah."
  • Naromix
    Felt so good seeing steve play so good! Excited for the next weeks🔥🔥
  • Rye
    Absolutely LOVE the shot tracers on every shot. Amazing editing and great golf. Keep it up 🥶
  • Nasher
    We’ve needed this collab for so long, what an incredible group. Both changing the game of golf in their own way❤️