Dan Blocker's SHOCKING Diet Before He Died At 43 Years Old

Published 2024-04-17
Life, Career and Diet of Dan Blocker. Bonanza, the beloved Western show, had a tragic downfall in what turned out to be its last season. Who knew that the death of a single character would leave the entire fanbase to turn away from their favorite show? Well, that’s exactly the power that Dan Blocker had over an array of generations. The untimely death of Blocker was a turmoil of bad habits that he couldn’t leave. Join us as we explore Dan Blocker’s shocking diet before he died at forty-three years old..

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  • Thanks for visiting The Uncovered Files Channel! I hope you enjoy the watch!
  • @bonniemash9237
    Dan Blocker died from an operation he had and after he was released from the hospital he had to go back to the hospital and the ambulance that picked him up took him to a hospital that was further away and he didn't survive the trip. It's not fair to blame his illness on eating too much. He wasn't that heavy, and worked every day. He had a huge amount of success. He was a Great person, God Bless Him.🙏✨
  • Let's let the man rest in peace now! He's been gone since 1972! RIP Dan!
  • @user-zi8ux6fy2n
    DAMN!! I Was seven years old when Dan died and when I heard he was forty three I thought that was an old person. I'm fifty nine now and looking back at forty three, well, that's YOUNG....🇺🇸🫡 RIP Hoss... Thank you for your service and entertainment.
  • @brucejones1867
    As a child in the 60's, Hoss Cartright was one of my favorites. He ranked tight up there with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, James Arness, Ken Curtis, and others of that era of great performers of Western TV shows and movies. My dad was a big fan, too. When Dan passed, it was a sad time. The opening episode of the next season with Little Joe was very emotional. It's been over 50 years, but I still remember getting choked up and looking over at my dad, who was trying his best not to show how he felt. I saw extra moisture in his eyes. I will never forget that memory.
  • As a little girl I prayed every day for Him to send Dan to be my big brother. He was a wonderful and gentle man and a heart the size of his home state! ❤️🐈
  • @jimjoe9945
    14lb baby! His mom sounds like the hero in this story...
  • @woody3590
    He was a big man but not overly fat. You want to see fat look at the T.V. series my 600 pound life...lol He led a full life and accomplished a lot. I never missed a show of Bonanza
  • @palmswede
    I am one of those kids who admired Dan Blocker and watched Bonanza every Sunday night. When he died it knocked air out of me it my really first experiences with death along with JFK, MLK and RFK and lost all interest in watching Bonanza.
  • @fasteddie9055
    Anyone who landed in the 1950 Inchon invasion should be awarded every medal in the book. TY Mr Blocker.
  • Click bait title. A better title would be "The life of Dan Blocker" Sure he had a weight problem, but died of a blood clot after surgery, which is learned only at the very end of the video. The title suggests he died from a shocking diet, which isn't true.
  • @ddmck1972
    What is very interesting about Dan Blocker was although he played the sometimes dimwitted and not so bright Hoss Cartright while the other characters were much smarter, he in real life was the only one with a college education. Cool stuff.
  • Dan Blocker was a good man. Yes he was a large man, but the picture used to draw people is wrong and disgusting trick.
  • @jazzmanchgo
    Blocker was a big guy, but he was hardly morbidly obese. He ceratainly wasn't in the same category as Jackie Gleason (when Gleason wasn't on a crash diet), William Conrad, or Orson Welles.
  • @bruce8808
    Dan Blocker died after a blood clot developed following gallbladder surgery causing a massive embolism at 43. Much too young for a great man and actor to die. Norman Chaney who played Chubby on The Little Rascals died at 21 and weighed 110 at the time of his death. He weighed 300 Lbs. before he went on his diet. It takes more than just a regular family Doctor who is qualified to help a patient lose weight on a sensible diet. It has to be someone who is a qualified professional that can assist someone to a healthier lifestyle. Trying these diets with over the counter diet pills can make someone very sick or can kill them.
  • @Gord1812
    Only an A.I. would show a clip saying Dan played football as show a soccer clip.
  • @thomasgirty6397
    I am one of those kids who admired Dan Blocker and watched Bonanza every Sunday night. When he died it knocked the air out of me i heard he drowned in a river
  • @Rick_King
    I remember when Hop Sing found out that Hoss would be home for Thanksgiving after all. He said something like "Have to pluck another turkey, stuff another turkey, cook another turkey!"