Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 1

Published 2023-09-07

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  • @PvtGermanWagz
    As a defensive player, imagine the feeling of getting a touchdown your very first NFL game. That’s gotta be amazing.
  • As a Falcons fan, I know how hard it can be to lose games over and over and over again. Congrats to the Lions on a great win. Hope you guys keep winning.
  • @dmygan
    Congrats Lions!
    I was a Patriots fan long before Brady, we sucked back then, so I wish all the success we have had on Lions and Browns fans, now I dont even care if we never go back, Id like to see other teams battle it out. great job!
  • @terrychawa7847
    The love from other fan bases for us is wild. Go Lions!
  • @ront769
    What a unique situation seeing so many OTHER teams fans' congratulating the Lions on an opening night win. The rise of a long suffering franchise will energize the league resulting in a great season and an epic finish!
  • @goblue193
    All four of the Lions’s draft picks in the first two rounds played a key role tonight. Branch is an absolute steal
  • @noevalleygiants
    Niner fan here, but man I am pulling for the Lions. Good to see aggressive play and to see Goff playing well.
  • @CalebCoolman
    From a Patriots fan, I’d like to congratulate the Lions. They really proved themselves as a legit playoff team out there. I hope that they have a good future.
  • @TheTexasmick
    The Lions showed up to play this game with everything they had. This was a playoff level football game. It was phenomenal as is always the case when you have Mahomes in the game whether he wins or loses. Everybody on the field played their hearts out. Great NFL football.
  • As a ravens fan, nothing but the utmost respect. I knew y’all were gonna be special after that 66 yd fg win. Barely escaped that one
  • @TheTaxiGuy2012
    From a Bengals fan what a start Detroit! ❤ I know your pain as a suffering fan base was real happy for you guys! 😊 best of luck the rest of the year!
  • As a long-suffering Lions fan, all this positivity feels unreal. Like it's someone else.
  • @dyouksports
    Not a Lions fan but I hope you guys do well this season.
  • I grew up watching and loving the Steelers and I'm still a huge Steelers fan. However, for the last year and a half, I can't help buy root for the Lions. Dan Campbell and their Owner has completely turned the Lions around. 2 seasons ago, they didn't win their first game until the 11th week. They ended winning 3 games that season. Last season, they started off with a 1 and 6 record. They were very close to winning in all of those games. Nonetheless, they were 1-6. The coaches and the players never gave up. They ended have the best winning percentage for the final 10 games as the went 8-2 in the final 10 games. That's why them beating the Chiefs doesn't surprise me. For those who say, "well we didn't have Kelce", wait until Jameson Williams and 4 other key defensive players return
  • Congrats long-suffering Lion fans, I knew the Lions were headed for good things after the Green Bay game. The energy of the team reminds me of the Seahawks...the mojo.
  • @karenlewis9114
    Thank you Detroit! From a Raiders fan I loved the passion to get that win! Good Luck on your season ❤
  • @deadlyDM
    Great job Detroit, from a life long Browns fan. I'll always root for the blue collar underdog.
  • @cristobalc.5972
    It’s ridiculous the amount of passes the chiefs receivers dropped. Still, what a good game from the Lions.