Hermitcraft S10#2: Creepers Gone Fission

Published 2024-02-12
This episode we join the local fisher crew to get some fishies and a Pearl for the Demise game. We head to the Nether to get a beacon so that we can quickly setup a Creeper Farm near our base. Then we continue building our starter home by refining some of the things we built before, and by adding a new garden and smelting area.

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  • @moogsnarf
    I love Etho's bone-dry humor: "Oh, you know what'd make this even better? If we had some, like, relaxing music to attract the fishies. *plays disc 13*"
  • @Snweos
    Having the lava farm under / interacting with the hot-springs could be a interesting way to tie the two ideas together.
  • @grondhero
    10:30 Etho finds a skeleton spawner "I don't really need it now, but...." 26:36 Etho builds a micro farm. "I don't actually have any bonemeal." Me: 🤔 Maybe we'll see the linking of these in the next episode or two
  • @ericg4626
    "Etho's Mom" just took me back 10 years. This season is very feel good so far. Keep it up!
  • I think Etho likes overhangs so much because they are all interiors with no exterior.
  • i feel like this season is defined so far by everyone coming in with a healthy mindset of wanting to just enjoy the game, good company, and the creative process. Its cozy and wholesome and i enjoy every second etho is on screen
  • @hughrudy
    Watching the thought process on how to fix the bridge actually helps a lot with improving my builds. Please include more thought processes on other builds, it’s super useful. You’re great Etho!
  • @MrsDizarky
    Loving the emphasis on hanging out with the other Hermits this season. All the different interactions are so much fun to watch. 🎣 I love the addition of the greenhouse/garden. It's so pretty and functional! A suggestion for something small you could add next time is to bone-meal the bottom of the bridge pond and add in seagrass, maybe a fish or two. I know frogs are an eventual plan as well but it'd add movement and life to the area with a fairly easy change.
  • Etho said "greenhouse hot springs blacksmith" and I am IN I am SO IN FOR THIS BASE!!!
  • @nattherat44
    I love the way etho builds how you can be inside and feel like you're outside, and when you're outside you feel like you're inside
  • @animevsirl
    Etho and Doc talking about the Mindcrack days. What a throwback.
  • @maeglin9041
    "It's not that we don't love you it's that we want to see your corpse" -ZombieCleo 2024 (9:45)
  • @Waihz
    "i feel like im in a fever dream" as the weird music plays 🎶. Cut to 15 people eating a pufferfish "krrrkrrrkrkrrr" in unison. Hilarious 😂 best edit from Ethos so far.
  • @rmcwilliams
    The part starting at 4:25 where they are launching each other is awesome. Its great to have them all laughing at such a simple part of the game
  • @akaittou
    I love how Etho is still building 100% in Etho style, he's basically just swapped interior for exterior for now - the area that seems like it'll be the interior of the building is redstone circuitry space and so far all the access areas are in the area "surrounding" the base building itself. The inverse of his usual. No doubt there will at some point be something inside beyond the mechanics but I'm loving the process, it's so fascinating this way around :D
  • Wow, from Pearl's perspective you absolutely couldn't tell that you yanked her in there. Definitely right to give you the credit, even if someone unknown got the last tick.
  • @PeterDurocher
    Pearls death from your perspective answered so many questions it was epic
  • @cpMetis
    It would be great to leave the trap door "bug", if only since it's not something you'll use often but it will be absolutely HILARIOUS if anyone stopping by hits the lever not knowing what is gonna happen.
  • @nathantripp9134
    I think the ring shape of the house lends itself well to the idea of a small courtyard in the center. It would fit well with the natural, eastern, vibe of the house. Loved the episode Etho, thank you so much!