this CURSED Lego video will TRIGGER you

Published 2022-07-22
this CURSED Lego video will TRIGGER you...

In this video I show off 21 of the most Triggering lego things. Most of you LEGO fans can probably relate with many of these and if you do COMMENT down below the most triggering!

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If your wondering what this is, its jumbled up keywords:

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  • SacredBricks
    Comment below which one is the most triggering in your opinion!! I see every comment.
  • YouTube
    me the entire time watching this video: 😬
  • Mensen24
    If you break Lego pieces, you can use the same type of glue that is used for model kits like Revell or Airfix. It’s not super strong, but it’s going to hold up. If the broken piece is stacked between some other pieces, it works just fine.
  • Aubry Hylton
    So very relatable. I loved this, it was moment after moment of "not just me!" From the scavenged pieces to the peeling of fingernails. I might add the never ending sorting, finding, and losing parts that comes from a life of Lego!
  • DarkVoidIII
    I've separated 2x2 plates just by snapping each of them onto 2x2 round bricks and flexing gently. They pop right open just enough to slide your fingernail or brick separator underneath. Sometimes they even come right apart. 1x2 is even easier to get apart. 2x3 plate, sometimes a challenge, fairly easy if you know to just use some extra LEGO bricks as leverage. Plates can also work, a pair of 2x6 plates will separate 2x2 and 2x3 plates easily. It's all about knowing that LEGO bricks can grip other LEGO bricks and are a perfect brick separator themselves! Most people have plenty of spare bricks or plates, that don't get used for anything, that can fit this role perfectly. 😊👍
  • sekazi
    The brick separator works great to get the 1x2 and 2x2's apart if you attach it to another piece first.
  • Generic Stud
    Having to use the forbidden teeth technique to seperate plates is elite
  • Ctje 1
    For the double plate you can use the studded part of 2 seperators, one on the bottom, one on top. Just press them toward each other and they pop open
  • I have only partially experienced the last one, (and the mixed brands but they all fit just fine because I forced them to adjust to lego standards) but I don't take pieces from othe builds, I just snag a piece from a less noticable or covered up part of the build and replace it with the closest thing to it, which is usually a light gray grate piece or an off brand tile piece.
  • SimonSezz
    Ive found turning the orange tool upside down works really well
  • michael1234252
    What triggers me sometimes is when I buy a bulk lot/box of used Lego off of eBay, thrift store, FB Marketplace, or flea market. I would often find trash and other random toys. Even then I would always find some cool unique part that I would love to have more of to build with. But in reality that part is kinda rare and expensive to buy.
  • Rochelle
    The amount of sets he broke in this video brings me pain thinking about how long it took to rebuild them 😂
  • The B3
    #10 has legitimately caused me to sort left and right pieces separately.

    Cannot express how infuriating finding the wrong one is EVERY SINGLE TIME 💀
  • Carl Wheezer
    I haven't touched any Lego since my childhood but I can still relate to all of these. The trauma shall never leave me
  • Cartoon Corpze
    The making of this video was already cursed enough.
    I love it.
  • Happyburger23
    4:20 That issue was also common with blue pieces (and dark red I think) but, as of pieces produced after 2016, no longer happens
  • Deadbunny
    Here's a tip for the first trigger: get another larger lego plate, place the bottom smaller lego plate securely to the larger one, pry off the top one with the separator, and then pry off the bottom one from the larger plate.
  • unicorn lover
    You can also use the not fully pressed down bricks to make an old or ruined castle. that’s also an option
  • I have a couple of tricks that help with a couple of these; if a minifig head is stuck, rotate it as you pull off. For the two small plates stuck together, attach two brick separators (one to the top studs and one to the bottom antistuds) and then squeeze the handles together.