Published 2023-01-13
We broke all of the CRAZIEST rules! These rules were so crazy that we got kicked out so many times...


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  • I love your videos Ben I have been watching you for 4 years now I hope I get to see you one day 🥺😎
  • Raise your hand if you love Ben and Lexi doing videos together ✋
  • @lauranutter1630
    I’ve been watching them for like four or three I mean years and I love you Ben and Hannah
  • @HayK414
    I’ve watched Ben forever and I still love him so I have watched him for years 🤚🏻
  • @corpsepixi
    love how ben mentions lexi's name first in the description 💕
  • @20isss
    I love how Ben is so challenging and is ready to do anything incredible and dangerous for us,amazing Edit:I appreciate the likes I’ve honestly never got this much😌
  • @Alicampbell506
    If Ben puts a year into this video it means he puts a lot of effort into this video so sub to him and just give him that back
  • Raise your hand if you love Bens videos 🖐We love you Ben your amazing!
  • @user-oe5uf2cu2h
    I love watching you and all of your friends tell Lexi r I love watching her ❤❤❤and brent❤❤❤and you are amazing ❤god bless you
  • @trudy6589
    hands up if u were one day passing through youtube, saw ben azelart, watched and instantly fell inlove with his videos
  • Lexi is my favorite character and Ben is my favorite character. Do you guys know why let’s see and Ben is my favorite character because they show love to each other and they make me very happy and they are like a couple.
  • Ben Azelart I’m a freaking big fan I love your videos they make me so happy when I’m sad stay Wild