Baby Yoda But With Subtitles 3

Published 2020-12-19

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  • Kapil Singh
    Mando calling Grogu and Grogu responding is so funny and cute. 😂❤️
  • Joey
    The way Grogu reacts when Mando calls him by his real name makes my heart melt.
  • Grogu's last words of season 2 "you look like a snap chat filter"

    Luke just got roasted
  • Unhappy Bacon
    It's really cute when Mando chuckles when he calls Grogu.
  • DaBurgerBandit
    "The universe is more than just snaccs and toys..."

    Damn, he went deeper than I ever will!
  • Teebo
    the best part would be at 4:11:
    "This is the seeing stone, are you seeing anything?"
    "Just the best dad ever :)"
  • Silo21
    Grogu be like: "Papa tries and I love him, because he's clueless".
  • I loved how it said "Has Mando been taking good care of you" and the kid says "No, he hasn't. I almost got electrocuted" 😂
  • Edison Carter
    I cannot count how many times I laughed, but I'm certain "Die Trash!" was my favorite! But I know how many times I cried.. right at the end. This one hits me every time.
    Mando: Are you seeing anything?
    Grogu: Only the best dad ever!
    Me: That's perfect.
  • Even at the short clip of grogu leaving I'm immediately crying like it was the first time watching it
  • This Guy
    “You look like a Snapchat filter” LMAO 😂
  • falcore91
    4:15 “this is the seeing stone, are you seeing anything?” “Just the best dad ever.”
    My heart just grew three sizes.
  • "Let me see your face before I go."
    Mando takes off helmet
    "Almost as cute as me... You really need to shave though" XD
  • Angana Sarkar
    Baby Yoda - No he hasn't, I almost got electrocuted

    Also Baby Yoda - The best dad ever
  • Pentarax
    God the emotional whiplash between "I'm gonna miss you dad D: " and "you look like a snapchat filter."
  • Eli the Nerd
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen this show and I forgot how adorable the little guy is.
  • Maestro
    Kylo Ren: The G I R L

    Grogu: The B A L L
  • TerraStone
    You make the best "Baby Yoda with Subtitles" videos - really enjoyed watching this!