I Built the BIGGEST Iron Farm in Survival Minecraft

Published 2024-06-23
I Built the Biggest Iron Farm in Survival Minecraft

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Thanks to ‪@Treechopper66‬ for the major help

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I Built the Biggest Iron Farm in Survival Minecraft


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  • @MudFlaps
    As someone who built a smaller version of this, i cant imagine the pain you went thru.
  • @Cfraj211
    bro just casually went to prom during this
  • Dactus: "I'll put water down here so if anyone falls, they don't die." Also Dactus: *Procedes to kill all villagers that fall into the water.
  • @bobegg-br7mz
    bro casually goes to prom and finals.. i couldnt even play for about an hour or 2. your a real one for this
  • 100 likes and ill tell my crush i like her New update I did and she likes me too thanks for the support
  • @NouhReacts
    Bro produces more Iron than Australia 💀
  • @thegodlynerd
    i just got recommended your video and halfway through watching i was like "yeah i like this guy lemme go to episode 1" love the content
  • @P4tronus
    Well done! I'm here to support another fairly small creator. I have subbed and look forward to another video. Also, what editing software do you use?
  • @hugos3098
    This guy: build the best iron farm ever, builds with diamond blocks Also this guy: DOESNT HAVE NETHERITE 😂
  • @Nateru.
    You seem like a good guy. I got distracted half way through the video, but I think the video was good. I hope you reach 100k, and I will be one extra person to get you there. Keep up the good work.
  • @dang3rguy337
    You already had the fastest iron farm before making this one 💀
  • @clxudzYT
    Congrats for 100k! Happy for you!!:)
  • @potaoes-3
    You should name the pillager "Mr. Sir. Lord Almighty King Pillager Octavius Demitri Thomas Gordon Leonardo William Xavier Ronald Tyler Maximillian Norbert Wyatt Vincent Arthur Johnson Hudson George Michael Joshua Robert Quintus Jr. the Fifth"
  • @TeamRocketReal
    Dactus is definitely my favorite YouTuber, he’s able to create cool concepts and execute them. He also doesn’t drag out explainations and doesn’t scream into the mic. Keep up the good work, looking forward to 100k.
  • @DomtheKing12
    dang i subbed to you when you had 6k subbs and now close to 100k dang bro i believed in you and you will make it❤🎉
  • @AvryxCraft
    I can't even begin to imagine a time I've ever needed this much iron, such overkill, and yet I watched every second gladly and still took mental notes on the farm just in case lol