Acoustic Afternoons 😌🎧 - A Lazy Indie/Folk/Chill Playlist

Published 2019-05-13
Have a chilled acoustic afternoon with the best indie/folk music! Tracklist & download below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Ed Patrick -- ‘Blow My Cover’
2:42 PYTN -- ‘I Think I Might’
5:46 Children of Indigo -- 'Daisies’
8:50 Tom Speight -- ‘Alice’
12:39 Adam Melchor -- 'I Don’t Wanna See You Cryin’ Anymore’
16:21 SYML -- 'Clean Eyes (Acoustic)’
19:58 The Bull Brothers -- ‘Song for Dylan’
22:44 River Whyless -- ‘The Pool’
26:40 Matt Van -- ‘love/hate’
29:21 The Northern Folk -- ‘St Philomena’
33:12 Jared Salte -- ‘When I Grow Up’
36:48 Canyon City -- ‘Anyway’
39:45 Gregor McEwan -- 'On Her Radar’
42:46 Joe Dolman – ‘I Think It’s Strange – Acoustic’
46:06 Frances Luke Accord -- 'Silver & Gold’
49:35 Joe Hicks -- 'Cold (Acoustic)’
53:39 Jordan Whitmore -- 'I Promise’
57:40 Hillsburn -- ‘Like The Winter (Revisited)’
1:02:04 Andrew Maxman -- ‘The End’
1:05:38 Katie Bird -- ‘Put You Away’
1:08:56 Jennifer Kamikazi -- ‘You & I’
1:12:12 Stewart McKee -- ‘Young Again’

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All Comments (21)
  • Kakeshi_urboi
    I love how they didn’t put any “ads”, just to not disturb our afternoon 😌👌✨
  • GingerGirl
    I woke up feeling stressed and anxious. Then i sat down with a cup of tea, wrote down all my thoughts and listened to this playlist while doing that, and i feel so much better now. Alex and Beth, your playlists are doing so much good for people 💛
  • Patrick Gehlbach
    I love the Acoustic Afternoon. Do you think sometime we might get a Melancholy Midnight for those of us sitting up with our thoughts?
  • Monika Dhillon
    I must say - This is the channel with songs I can spend my life by .. with a book and bonfire
  • Quinn Everitt
    I just wanted to thank you both. You have no idea what you’ve done for me. I suffer with really bad depression and I tried to kill myself a couple years back. About a year ago, maybe a little longer actually, I found your channel and started listening to the songs on here. The emotions in each playlist kept me calm and content, it even slowly started to help build my confidence. I now, every day, dedicate at least 1 hour a day where I do nothing but sit, close my eyes and listen to the songs and let’s the calming emotions embrace me. Thank you both so so much. Please keep up the good work

    Edit: I just wanna thank everyone in the comments... you’re all very sweet. I hope you all live a good life ^^
  • Diane Pacia
    everytime i play your playlists i always feel calm and amazed, this is my genre, my kind of songs. your channel is the greatest thing i've found on youtube <3
  • These are the kinds of music that you want to listen to when its raining <
  • Joe Hicks
    Alex and Beth you absolute LEGENDS!! ❤️ I can't thank you guys enough for featuring 'Cold (Acoustic)' (🔊 - 49:35) in this wonderful pick 'n' mix bag of acoustic delights! Lots of love to you both and anyone listening 😊🙏
  • Lo Etherias
    Sitting on my balcony in the morning and listen to this with a cup of coffee. ☕ Greetings from Bavaria - Germany.
  • This was a lovely playlist to listen to as I worked on my dissertation this afternoon. Thank you for creating it and for your wonderful channel.
  • farm dog
    hi there fellow random friend, i pray that you will get thru this difficult times and the day will come that we will all celebrate the beauty of life once more as we go back to the old days, free from sickness and that happiness will be ours again..Godbless you my friend from the other side of the world....
  • Roman
    This playlist is something that can gives you a chill vibe, and thats the reason why i keep coming back to this playlist and keep playing it every afternoon of my life❤️
    It can really change my mood.
  • Epic Club
    Not gonna lie. I love sleeping at 5am during spring and summer.
    You’re calm all through the night reflecting and remembering your day. Then you fall asleep to birds chirping and the beginning of a beautiful sunrise.
  • This is the second time in a row I'm sitting in a bus looking for a playlist to listen to for the next 2 hours and you've conveniently just uploaded 👌