An Updated HOUSE TOUR... The Completely Redesigned Final Layout!!

Published 2023-03-17

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  • morgans vlogs

    so I looked up on Reddit why is my cat peeing in the toilet and it said “she wants to become you.” there’s that. happy weekend lol
  • Janice Bofinger
    I’ve never seen a nicer, more fun group of contractors. You are blessed to have found such a wonderful team. 💖
  • Amber Bijkerke
    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gooood Morgan looks😍😍
  • Sadie Cordova
    You can literally feel Morgan glowing lately and her energy shifting so positively and beautifully. I am so proud of you. And the editing and overall vibe of this is absolutely incredible.
  • Kalel
    omgggg!! it's looking so good!! which bedroom is mine?! 😂
  • Who else is excited for Morgans finished house tour?! Like queen, go off!! 🎉🎉
  • sp00kyMerBabe
    As someone who just bought their first home 6 months ago WITH their partners help, and seeing how expensive it was just for this one tiny little house… I cannot even FATHOM the cost of you building that beast of a home from the ground up. 😳 I’m so jealous, but happy for you!
  • Darcy Allen
    I sincerely hope Morgan’s first scam contractor watches these, sees how much love and appreciation these men are getting, and feels like the biggest idiot in the world for fumbling this opportunity 💅🏻
  • cazzi
    These contractors are such a great bunch of guys!! So talented and seem like they have become very good friends 😊 I want to hire them!! 😊
  • SC
    I love how Cookie looked up at you like...Uhm...Excuse me...a little privacy please?? What a smart a cat!
  • Wendy Allison
    You are so lucky to have found a team like this to work on your home. Not only are they reliable, they have your best interests in mind. They also enjoy being filmed and have the personalities for it. I grew up around and in construction and that is rarely the case. Super happy for you for everything good going on and how much you have actually grown even if you don't see it yourself.
    As for the cat peeing in the toilet, that's freaking amazing... not sure why you called it a problem. lol
  • JJ
    If you ever sell this house you better sell it to somebody who has followed you and watched it from the ground up and really appreciates it! Appreciates the struggles and triumphs you have over came, think we all can agree when i saw we are proud of you❤
  • EmmaMcD
    I can't wait for the interior designing vlogs!!! I hope you do those ones often because you know us HGTV girlies are going to foaming at the mouth for them lol Property Brothers got nothing on Morgan
  • RS
    Girl give Cookie a damn award because she is smart as hell. You save so much on litter that way 😂😂😂
  • Spreid _
    Why do I feel so proud of a stranger on the internet?!?! Your finished house is going to be AMAZING
  • Mell
    MORGAN! I uprooted my entire life five months ago and moved to the middle of nowhere to start a homestead on my own - something I’ve dreamt of for a long time. I wanted to tell you that you inspired me to make my dreams a reality and I can’t thank you enough. This video of everything coming together make me watery eyed. You deserve all the good things!!
  • Robin Chipman
    Morgan, thank you for being the mentally stable chicken mom that we always needed. You have replaced Jenna in my arsenal of videos to watch when I need a mental health moment! Keep going. We are going to get there together. Also, that lady with you in this video gives strong Scorpio vibes, truth-teller, say it like it is....vibes. She either has your back or you need to watch your back face-purple-wide-eyes
  • Kayla Lowry
    Morgan makes home renovations so much fun and entertaining to watch. But lets be real, id watch anything morgan posts!!!
  • aprilfools_
    I am manifesting an HGTV show contract for Morgan and her guys.
  • Why is it a problem that Cookie uses the toilet? People work so hard to train their cats to do that, and you got lucky and she just does it! 😂 Cookie is a queen! 💖