Paul George on Signing with 76ers, Clippers Contract Negotiations, Conversation with Kawhi & More

Published 2024-07-08
Paul George shares details about his meetings with the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers. PG also opens up about his conversation with Kawhi Leonard before joining the 76ers, expressed enthusiasm about playing alongside new teammates Joel Embiid, and Tyrese Maxey, and reflects on his time with the Los Angeles Clippers. #nba #nbapodcast #paulgeorge #podcastpwithpaulgeorge #philadelphia76ers #losangelesclippers

0:00 Start
7:20 Meeting with the 76ers
15:20 Dr. J Influence
16:25 Connecting with Embiid & Maxey
20:00 76ers Title Chances
23:38 Connecting with New Philly Teammates
26:41 Meeting Nick Nurse
28:38 Negotiating With The Clippers
39:00 Finding Peace Before Free Agency
45:43 Conversation with Kawhi Before Philly Decision
47:00 Kawhi and PG's Clippers Origin Story
52:00 Memorable Clippers Moment
55:03 Message To Clippers Nation
59:55 Almost Being Traded To The Warriors
1:06:51 Phily Natives Reaching Out
1:10:08 Message to Philly Fans
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All Comments (21)
  • @alwaysJaytwist
    “I can’t take nobody’s word if they can’t put it in writing” - PG. That’s a LIFE LESSON!
  • @qtruth9273
    The insight behind the contract discussions is why i love player podcasts cant get these stories no where else
  • @mellamohazy
    PG had on a Future NBA2k25 MyPark Outfit on this Episode😂😂😂😂
  • @24dreww
    We’re for sure never getting Kawhi on the podcast 😂
  • The fact that we traded the farm for someone we weren't willing to sign to a max contract blows my mind!!! Best of luck to you PG thank you for your time with the Clippers!
  • @zhuber
    Man the negotiating during the season bit shines a lot of light on what these players actually go through. People act like these players are just robot commodities that do nothing but play basketball, but understanding this human element is what separates great organizations from sub par ones.
  • @lonewolfnh89
    PG's NBA story is freaking insane. From Fresno State to 10th overall draft pick, Indiana and Miami rivalry, team USA injury, recovering from injury, time in OKC with Russ and Melo, blockbuster trade to Clippers, playing with Kawhi, Russ, James, and now going to Philadelphia to play with Joel and Maxey.
  • @tombystander
    PG a legend for ever in OKC. Man came and played for us, gave us his best, got us 6 picks and SGA, now hes guarenteeing 2 of those picks will be in the lottery. Thank u PLAYOFF P
  • @davidbrown4454
    Man with you, Maxey, McCain, Oubre, that dribble handoff from Embiid finna be unstoppable. Welcome to Philly PG
  • @richardsong7732
    I actually really like and appreciate how PG went about his business. From him tryna not let it affect his relationship with teammates, negotiating and tryna give the benefit of the doubt with front office, openly addressing it with Kawhi, talking to the philly OGs and current star Embiid, and telling the fans the process. I mean what more can you ask for when a dude is talking about his own choices and his own money? Podcast P is a real dude. Thanks for your transparency. you didn’t owe it anyone. I hope for the best for you and the rest of your career. Just dont beat the Lakers 😂😂😂
  • @EzvbVdni
    PG is without a doubt one of the NBA's coolest guys. For a moment, Philly P has been my favorite player. Congratulations!
  • As a Clipper fan, loosing you for nothing hurt..seeing SGA's rise and being left with no draft picks our future is sad.. As a die hard Clipper fan since 1996, thank you for the memories and we tried.. I was at game 6 WCF with my son.. As a man, you deserved every bit of this opportunity, not only did you get a bag and 4th year but you got an opportunity to line up with MVP caliber center and up and coming franchise PG.. I'm sad but it looks like a a brain dead yes it's a seemingly natural fit 2 year 60 is crazy * edit * disrespectful For what it's worth I'm still subscribed and I can count channels I'm subscribed too on one hand. PG needs to read this ** GO CLIPPERS!
  • @Kipmoney_
    Kawhi something else, dude in the locker room with champagne spillin everywhere plotting on his next team. I’m dead 💀💀💀
  • @skyballer22
    We got Saquan and PG in the same offseason let’s goooo
  • @YarikJoestar
    I related to Lou Williams' statement that "you get comfortable" when you return home, so I'm delighted you took a chance on yourself and are still striving for your goals in your prime! I hope Philadelphia gives you a ring! Now is the moment.
  • @emac1648
    Since Kobe from Philly and wanted to play there this is dope. The 8 lives on.