Published 2023-10-13

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    GLITCH'S NEXT SHOW IS HERE! We really hope you all enjoyed it. Our little indie team and the amazing Gooseworx put a lot of love and effort into making this ♥AS WE ALWAYS WILL! We'd like to do a full season and are currently seeking funding! You can help support us by getting some merch ► No pressure though, hope you have a great day! 💙
  • @NorshNorsh
    Since the show is set in a digital world, the team can realistically just leave random errors in the animation and nobody would care.
  • I like how Caine fundamentally doesn't understand why everyone wants to leave, and tries to make the "exit" part of the map.
  • Canie: Crazy when he got there. Ragatha: Mother of the group. Jax: That one sibling. Pomni: The only one who's aware of the situation.
  • Seeing the way Caine's face looks on the censoring box makes it hard to take that function seriously! XD
  • The fact that this show is 5 days old and it already has a fandom is honestly mind-blowing
  • @sush1plays
    Jax being made to be antagonising: The fanbase ignoring it until EP2 and now getting upset that he's still antagonistic:
  • @zackfirex1009
    I’d just like to point out - this show introduced its world, pacing, 8 characters, AND the story premise all within the first minute. That there is efficient writing.
  • @djxsoul
    The ending scene at 23:53 is genuinely so unsettling for some reason, the way Pomni looks straight at you as the camera zooms in, and her face contorts into that crazy grin. AND THE MUSIC. This whole episode was amazing but the end just absolutely left me wanting more I’m gonna die if this doesn’t get greenlit
  • I love how weird and absurd Caine's design is. He looks like what someone having an LSD induced nightmare would imagine the Tooth Fairy to look like.
  • 2:46 “what do you MeeEEEAAaNnNnN?” that glitch tho how is no one talking about it lol
  • @nicolethom9102
    You can definitely see the former victims of the circus had a room with their face crossed off mainly from turning abstract. So sad
  • @skysnow2495
    Jax seems to 'play along' more than anybody else. He mentioned that they'd need to work Pomni into the song, he suggested Kaine do an adventure, he was glad to receive the reward. He seems to "accept" the way things are the most.
  • @emerson8620
    This pilot is just a masterpiece on all fronts: writing, world-building, humor, pacing, design, voice-acting, animation, music. It’s so funny, endearing, existential, and lovable all at the same time. Pure ecstasy and brilliance.
  • @Flower_1992
  • @yhorm685
    Caine’s animation to me is especially good, the skill to have him appear to talk with his jaws and also express with his “eyebrows” simultaneously is incredibly impressive animation work.
  • @Orange_smiling
    5:44 for those who don’t know Caine is saying “Hereby Acknowledging that your chosen name and or names may not breach The Digital Circus user license agreement stating that your name may not include objectionable content. objectionable content includes but is not limited to sexually explicit materials,obscene,defamatory,libelous,slanderous,violent,and/or unlawful content or profanity
  • @midas0025
    You know. Rewatching This Episode just made me realize — we’ve never heard what the Main Cast spoke of since we were in the POV of Pomni for the entire first episode. So . . . What if in a future episode, we hear what they talked about? Like — Pomni? Or maybe the fact that Kofmo ( i’ve never spelt his name before ) isn’t around? ( Specifically when Pomni is away from the Cast, like when Caine and Pomni check out the Circus / Grounds )