I Built the Most Expensive Island in Minecraft

Published 2023-07-25

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  • @ThatChiefGuy
    The island may be expensive, but spying on a friend without his consent...priceless
  • @RyanSoltani
    Chief spying on Bacon throughout the entire project was something I was not expecting but it just made the whole thing even funnier, great stuff man!
  • @SilentGhidora
    Why not try to replace the copper on the trees with ancient debris. Its more expensive but it looks more like tree bark.
    The fact that cheif thought this was a trap when it was just for a bid was halarious
  • @TimeBucks
    The editing on this video was amazing
  • @yellowdicesam
    "this seems a tad excessive" says bacon whilst he spends hundreds of hours terraforming an island with diamond and emerald blocks
  • @Spokeishere
    Bacons next video: I lost an event where you get a ton of levels
  • @BizzyBeeMili
    7:56 “we have no doubled our bor- whoaaa*breaks block by accident*” “we have now doubled our bored count!”
  • @fluffy0764
    not gonna lie, that gold block transition was pretty nice
  • @WenzoYT
    Alternative title: Bacon becomes Jeff Bezos in Minecraft
  • @shurby6346
    editing has definitely gotten better over your YouTube career!! Keep it up! Can't wait to see Baconnwaffles0 at 1 million subs!!!
  • @skatcherghost4780
    I dont know whats more insane: Bacon building a whole insane island, or chief who is spying on the whole project :D
  • @CyberSurge_
    thats funny af how chief had a spy base because he thought you were making a trap
  • @dreamnotfound3013
    The amount of pain I felt when bacon lost 308 levels is unreal. BUT THE DEDICATIONN AHHHH I CANT!!