A Deep Dive into Potterheads

Published 2023-11-10
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This week, we take a deep dive into the world of Harry Potter fans, also known as "Potterheads". Enjoy!





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  • @kurtisconner
    Don’t leave without taking advantage of air up’s amazing holiday deals! Gift it to someone you love and also treat yourself at the lowest price ever: airup.link/3SB75cd
  • @massieblock9770
    i named both my kids after HP characters, but both are regular names that people wouldn’t know unless i told them.
    i love my little xenophilius and baby mundungus
  • My brother's girlfriend is a Disney Adult AND a Potterhead, and one time she forced me to take the sorting quiz. I got Hufflepuff but she insisted I was a Gryffindore because SHE was a Hufflepuff and we're too different to be in the same house. She was so mad at me for getting Hufflepuff she didn't talk to me for two full days.

    She was 31 at the time.
  • @rubsy5222
    I named my daughter after a Harry Potter character! My daughter Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way is the light of my life ❤️❤️❤️
  • @natlikesthings
    I was heartbroken that Kurtis didn’t cover My Immortal but he redeemed himself by covering the Snapewives
  • @mashymallow1242
    The literal worst HP thing I've ever seen was a website that was just a countdown until Emma Watson turned 18 so it would be "okay" to sexualize her. Even to this day, I feel so bad for her because of how gross people are about her.
  • i played quiddich at my middle school! they made me be the golden snitch, cause i was pretty small. instead of having to get anything off me, i counted as the entire golden snitch, so other students had to full body tackle me. so imagine you're a principal at a middle school, and you go into the yard at reeces. and one of your teachers is watching casually as a group of nerds tackle a small disabled child over and over again with broomsticks between their legs
  • @opal952
    I love this but there is no way you put WRITING FANFICTION on a lower level than naming your child Lucius Malfoy 😭😭😭
  • @mimmixoxo
    Love kurtis taking the time to interview smaller creators and giving them a spotlight to talk about their passions! It’s a creative way to bring inclusivity that usually doesn’t get as much exposure ~
  • @jodipearson567
    You can change your patronus. Nymphadora’s changed to a wolf when she married Lupin as he became her protective figure. That’s why I never really understood the concept. It’s an animal you like or deem as a guardian, so it can change throughout your life as you do.
  • fun fact: for years, obscure family members and secret santa gifters gave me the sorcerer's stone as a gift when i would say i liked to read. at one point in time, i had 3 copies of the same book, all gifted from different people who figured i'd like harry potter. i read the first few chapters of the book and didn't like it.
  • @paytonlong9227
    i love how kurtis always makes sure to get first hand testimonies from actual people in these communities
  • I absolutely ADORE that Ash said "Be yourself" especially when they play young Remus Lupin, a character famously known for being ostracized as a werewolf and forced to hide his true self from society. "Remus Lupin" would absolutely say "Be yourself". ❤

    Also, as a former potterhead (not anymore tho, since it's too hard for me to separate art/artist and all I see right now is JKR's negativity, hatred, discrimination and prejudice) I used to belong to the Hufflepuff house. And I was very proud to be a Hufflepuff! We're really good at finding things, you know? 💛🖤
    Let me just say that, out of the 4 Hogwarts houses, I used to find Hufflepuff the least discriminatory and definitely the most open minded, it's unfair it was treated as the Dumb House. What kind of wise, powerful wizard/witch would found a wizarding school and just be like: "Ah yes, I will teach these children... but *only the brave ones*, fuck the others!"? Helga Hufflepuff on the other hand was like "Yeah well this is a school and I'm going to teach and tutor the lot, regardless of origin or character". Total boss that Helga if you ask me.
    See? A bit of my former potterhead-ism might still be there buried somewhere.
    Peace, people! And yes, be yourself! 😊
  • @sileylav
    Kurtis didn't use the Barbie "balls" audio once when talking about the Golden Snitch. This is character growth
  • I've reread the series over 15 times. I was a child, going through a LOT, and the last time I read through the books when I was 11. My family had to keep buying me the books because I'd read them until the spines broke. Where in the hell on the iceberg am I
  • Owning a franchise's merch is on a wholly different level to naming your children after the characters 😂😭 so many mixups of where what belongs on the iceberg list, like, fanfiction is just a normal fan type behaviour, definitely way more normal person behaviour than naming your child after them 😭
  • I feel obligated to fix the iceberg tiers because it feels like an itch that isn't being itched. The video is amazing, I had to pause at some parts because I was laughing so hard, and the iceberg is good, it just needs a little fixing:

    1: Casual Potterhead. Watches movies once a year and they've read all the books (because this covers millions of people). Maybe knows hogwarts house and patronus.

    2: Genuine Potterhead. Watches movies several times a year and has re-read the series. Has merchandise and isn't afraid to show it. Reads fanfiction and possible writes them too (fanfiction is more common than tattoos).

    3: Harry potter exists in every aspect of their lives. HP tattoos, HP themed weddings, open to naming kids after HP characters, very attached to the actors (not just characters) and visits theme park ALL the time. Actually enjoyed Fantastic Beasts (listen, I didn't like them either, but I think it's less intense than genuinely believing a fictional story is real).

    4. This one was perfect. Genuinely believes HP and wizarding world is real, calls people muggles unironically.

    5. No changes needed.
  • @ynnaescano3077
    My mother thought I was obsessed with Hogwarts because I had a cousin who I am very close with who's actually obsessed with Harry Potter books at the time. When we were in Singapore she surprised me with this Harry Potter exhibit that cost so much money to even enter and I was like 🧍. I had to pretend I loved it the way she thought I did and she was like "get yourself a wand" And I was "I don't need one" And thought I was throwing a tantrum cuz I didn't need one so I caved and got one. And that's how me a person who never read a single HP book, nor watched all the movies, have an acceptance letter to Hogwarts (that you HAVE TO BUY BTW FROM THE EXHIBIT LIKE GIVE IT FOR FREE JESUS) and a very expensive replica of Hermione's wand
  • I remember playing Quidditch in my high school gym and how they used the Snitch was just a small yellow bouncy-ball that the gym teacher would occasionally chuck into the crowd. I don't like J.K Rowling or associating with her series, but I got to admit, a room full of students going crazy when they realized a tiny ball was bouncing around was amazing. Those things go FLYING. It was like a cartoon scene where someone shoots a gun in a room full of metal. Probably better that we didn't have brooms too.
  • @mimiwong149
    I literally am working with a kindergarten kid who is named Hermione and when I was doing assessment with her I casually asked her, “so… your mother really loves reading huh?” And she gave the most tortured sigh I’ve ever heard from a kindergartener and said “yes…”

    Also she has a classmate named Sherlock which is a whole other iceberg lol