THE SIGHTS OF SPACE: A Voyage to Spectacular Alien Worlds

Published 2022-11-29
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If you could visit anywhere in the galaxy, where would you go?

Meet the Navis III: An imaginary ship that will take you anywhere in the Milky Way. Its maiden voyage will send you on a tour of the wildest planets humanity has yet discovered: worlds that defy belief, from planetary oases to scorching hot gas giants with clouds made of metal.

This interstellar journey will give us a glimpse into how deep nature’s imagination goes…. and blaze a path for future pioneers, who might one day plant their flags on landscapes we can hardly imagine.
Story, visual effects, music & Sound by melodysheep (John D. Boswell)
Narrated by Matt Klinman

Soundtrack coming soon to all major music platforms.

ESO/Exeter/ Kraus et al./L. Calcada
Tim Stupak

Unknown Dino
Raoul Marks
Kitbash 3D
Quixel Megascans

Juan Benet
Matthew Brown
Morrison Waud
Zeus Kontoyannis
Naomi Augustine

Pablo Carlos Budassi
Franck Marchis
Holly Boswell
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The scenes in this film are speculative depictions based on current scientific understanding. Extensive creative license has been used.

Research sources coming soon.

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  • melodysheep
    Friends!! I'im back, and I made this for you. Thanks for a million views. This is not the end of the journey -- more sights are out there to explore. in the meantime, if you liked this, check out my LIFE BEYOND series, or stay tuned for some new stuff that will melt your mind. Also, come join the discord community at 🙏
  • g0dlike
    This channel might be one of the best things that has ever happened on the internet. The quality of animation, narration, writing, music... It's far beyond what any other educational channel has ever achieved, and it somehow keeps getting better with time. I have nothing but massive respect for whoever is running this spectacle.
  • TakenApostle
    Watched this video several times and I just can’t get over the flag it’s just so great just shows humanity as one not separated
  • Captain Fordo
    I wish there was a way to combine a telescope and microscope. So we can look at planets around stars.
  • Этот канал, это просто что то невероятное.
    Спасибо за русские субтитры, спасибо за работу ❤
  • Owen Richardson
    Huge credit to the cameraman for going to all these places
  • Udara J
    This channel is the best thing that happened to the humanity:face-red-heart-shape:
  • Hind135
    Everyone who watches this owes you a debt of gratitude for the gift you just gave us. Omg was this mesmerizing, like a drug. Original and wildly imaginative animation, dune like music, poetic script, and a variety of worlds. A true tribute and modern approach to a Carl Sagan style of wonder.
  • Dinu Comendant
    man, I really feel sorry for those people that didn't discover this channel. By far the best Youtube channel
    Great videos for enthusiasts and fantasists like me who dream of flights to the stars, at least partially fulfill your dreams thanks!
  • ozi
    Kudos to the team who made this possible. A visual feast. We love you guys. Looking forward for more projects like this in the future. Mabuhay! 🥰🥰🥰🇵🇭
  • parikchit101
    Wow !!!! Solid presentation and narration 👍🏻.
  • Lucy_ano
    The symbolism of a flag with the palm of the hand is very strong. Melodysheep never disappoints
  • No entiendo por qué estas obras de arte no se proyectan en los cines de todo el mundo, con tal calidad, daría lo que fuera por verlo en la gran pantalla
  • Charles Somerset
    It's been a long time since a video actually ignited my imagination so spectacularly. Thank you for this. Please create more.
    The sound effects are extremely perfect for this kind of space videos, the outcome of the combination between CGI and soundtracks is a masterpiece, it literally gives goosebumps.
  • JuniRave Gaming
    is the narrator for this my favorite comedy ginger? His voice really gave the video a comforting feeling, and with the music and visuals it was wonderfully peaceful to watch
  • Samuel Darmento
    Best space content on the internet today! Hard to believe that major production studios can’t come up with something of this quality