All Of The Girls You Loved Before

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Little Heck
    I love that this isn’t a diss on any other girls. It’s appreciation for the guy he is now and everything he learned on his way. Everything happens for a reason 💜✨
  • maeve
    This not being on the original tracklist for Lover is a crime. It has become one of my most favourite songs from her in such a short amount of time. I’m so terrified to think of all the masterpieces that never made the cut in her other albums. I’d give anything to be able to listen to every song Taylor has ever made, discarded and all.
  • Little Heck
    The first 5 seconds already got me freaking out. This song is so good. I’m so glad that she decided to release this song. I’m convinced all the songs she has written but for some reason hasn’t released yet are all amazing and I lowkey want her to release them all. The re-recordings give her the opportunity to release some of them and I love it. Her vocals in this song are top tier. I’m already obsessed.
  • Little Heck
    She just needs to release every single song she writes, has written, and will write. All of them, never leave them off an album. Wanna write 60 songs for one album? YES! Not only will I buy it, I'll listen to it on repeat constantly.
  • Little Heck
    I could scream. I’m 32 and this woman makes me feel 16 over and over. Ahhh thank you TAYLOR SWIFT !!!!!!!!
  • Little Heck
    Not only is she a poet…she’s a marketing mastermind. By holding this song and releasing it now as an addition to lover, she significantly boosted the value of the song by making it a single and positioning it to seem exclusively, she made ppl go back and stream
  • Ali Ridwan
    I'm so thankful for her by releasing this song cause this has clearer audio than the leak, and those high notes OMG
  • bofooit gojo
    All of her songs are so undeniably contagious, easily caught and so effortless to remember. They're fantastic, and Taylor is such a fantastic person.
  • Kel Bell
    Taylor is a gem. I badly hope to see her perform live when Australian tour dates are released. Love her. 💃🌹🎸
  • j Qon
    loving "midnights" so much right now, i'm not paying attention to other stuff from Taylor--it is literally that good. i'm still in shock over how the album was made, because it feels like a cosmic leap from everything she's done prior. it is literally next-level, Taylor, & i've still not heard anything from another artist that comes close. love you, dear. 💗💗
  • Martha
    I don't know if there's something wrong with me but this song almost made me cry. It's hard to explain but there's something about the melody that catches so many feelings and touches me so deeply. The lyrics and the crazily insane vocals also gave me very intense goosebumps 💗
    I genuinely adore this song and it has quickly became one of my favs from Taylor's whole discography.
    I've only experienced such profound sentiments with few songs, one of them being "Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince" which is my absolute favorite one from Taylor and I think there's a connection between both of these songs, starting by the fact that they belong to the same album, plus the similarities on the instrumental and certain lyrical references as well.
    I truly admire her talent not only when it comes to songwriting but also the ability she has to convey very strong feelings sonically too ✨
  • Taylor your great full for" all of the girls" that Joe loved.
    We Swifties are great full that you released this song ❤️
  • Anonymous
    Carrying the music industry, literally. They can try and cancel you but you can't cancel talent, passion, love, kindness and purity. We love you Taylor. ❤
  • Suspicious Star
    Usually songs make fun or demonize the previous lover(s) the one you loved had but I love how she thanks them instead for helping shape up her now true love :D.

    If you compare this to “Better than Revenge”, it just shows you how much Taylor has matured over the years and I’m all here for it 🥹💕.
  • Lina Ahmed
    taylor is everything. she’s so kind, loveable, beautiful, talented, etc. she means so much to many people, including me. listening to her music makes my entire day and i love her for it. i’m so proud to be a fan of hers <3
  • Little Heck
    Taylor Swift lo hizo una vez más, nos salvó la vida. Gracias Tay-Tay por tanto y ojalá que el tour empiece de la mejor forma posible para vos <3
  • Kay Star
    Such a beautiful song. Makes me love my husband even more
  • Deniss Correa
    Me alegra muchísimo no haberla escuchado filtrada para escucharla así de perfecta😍🎶💜
  • Zhann Elijah
    hitting the high note is just beyond compare 🥺
  • I love this so much!! This is like acknowledging the ladies who "built a man for another woman ". ❤️❤️