Toby Keith: Greatest Hits [Full Album] 2022 | The Best Of Toby Keith

Published 2022-06-07
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All Comments (21)
  • @akelty6135
    Toby, it never occurred to me that you wouldn't beat the cancer and come out grinning on the other side. I don't think you ever knew how important you were to so many people. You had heartfelt songs that validated how we felt, whether it was love, heartbreak, or anger. You had songs that lifted us up when we felt like we couldn't get any lower and gave us light when our worlds couldn't get any darker; you had songs that could make us laugh when we had absolutely nothing to laugh about. Now there is a huge hole in the universe and there will never be anyone else who can ever fill it. I know your family and friends feel it, and I am genuinely sorry for their pain, but so do the rest of us who counted you as a friend even if we never had the joy of meeting you. There will NEVER be anyone like you again, and losing you is the world's loss. I hope you have found peace, and that someday we, your family, friends, and fans, will find peace at your loss as well. To say you will be missed is a huge understatement. I love you, Toby.
  • @Kansas_Princess
    Out of all the celebrities that have ever passed away, Toby Keith's passing has been the most devastating for me. He was and will always be one of my favorite musicians, and his music has brought me so much joy over the years. I can only imagine how hard this loss is for his loved ones, but I know he will be deeply missed by millions of fans around the world.
  • @user-nq8bt6fq3p
    I met Toby in Ghazni, Afghanistan at one of our military bases- summer of 2007, while he was traveling with the USO. He and the crew played a few songs, and for a few minutes we forgot we were in a warzone. What a great American, thanks for honoring our military, you will be missed.
  • Not only great for America but anyone from anywhere that cared to listen. RIP champ from Australia.
  • @user-ej4qs5bs7m
    Hi, I'm 62 years old and I'm sending this email from France, I didn't know that Toby KEITH had died in February 2024. This is sad news for me. I love American culture. Rockabilly music and country music and of course Harley Davidson. RIP Mr KEITH.
  • @scotttarpley8088
    Rest in peace Toby, you will be missed. You pulled us together in the tough times and made us laugh at ourselves in the good times. We love you forever and miss you already.
  • @jugheadjones5458
    This is what I consider β€œreal” country music, not like a lot of today’s crap. RIP TK!
  • RIP Toby, thank you for the greatest songs and memories. Now, go put on a show for the Angels.
  • @sabrinaj79
    RIP Toby Keith 😒 grew up listening to your music. You fought hard long enough. I'll listen to you till I pass ❀
  • @EstherBozeman
    I can't believe some1 would give u crap for Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue. That is my favorite song & the greatest video ever. God bless u, Toby!
  • @jeffpeterman1326
    He stood strong for our nation during 1911 RIP your an American soldier
  • My husband and I fell in love with your music years ago. Seen you in concert 15 times love you forever Toby. Truly one of the best country artist everRIP my friend. Gone but never forgotten❀
  • @orvillegrey9359
    I am native of Jamaica. I didn't believe I could love country music until I heard your song ( how you like me now) from then on I was hook. I love you man R.I.P and God bless you your family.😒😒😒😒😒
  • @neverenough7767
    Rip to the greatest Country artist/songwriter and American patriot we love and will never forget you Big Dawg πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦…πŸ™πŸ»
  • i will raise my red solo cup to you Toby. I could always and will continue to sing along with your songs, even though i can't hold a tune. God speed my friend. From manitoba canada
  • Toby, you will live in our hearts forever! You did it your way and stood proud for You believed was right. Prayers to the family.
  • @pamelabyron5975
    RIP Big were awesome on earth so I can only imagine you in paradise going to sure MISS YOU πŸ’”
  • @Patti-lq5cc
    I miss you Toby. You were the greatest. I still cry for you. 😒 I still listen to your music every day. ❀ I will continue to do so. Prayers going out to your precious family. RIP TK Patti Bartsch